Advantages of wireless module used in crane control

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With the rapid development of industrial technology, people have higher and higher requirements for industrial site operations. As common equipment in the industrial field, with the increase in the number of operations, the expansion of the scope, and the improvement of the accuracy, the traditional crane control mode has more prominent limitations, which leads to a new control mode. Through the wireless module communication technology to realize the control of the crane, it has the advantages of convenience, safety, and flexibility.


Disadvantages of traditional cable control mode of crane

1. The cab is sultry in summer and cold in winter, and the environment is relatively harsh;

2. Hidden hazards in hoisting, which are prone to command errors;

3. High-altitude work requires high physical requirements and requires the qualification certificate of the operator;

4. The operator cannot leave the cab, and the action is single.


The advantages of using wireless module control for crane

1. High security. Eliminate the need for command, avoid impropriety, see the suspended object clearly from the command angle, and drive in bad weather is unsafe, which ruled out high-altitude operations and command errors.

2. Improve the environment. Choose the best angle and avoid locations with poor visibility and heavy pollution.

3. High efficiency. The operation accuracy is high, and it is not restricted by the cab and the operation line, which can avoid the high work efficiency caused by the high temperature.

4. Labor-saving and cost-saving. For example, bridge crane: operation, mooring, hanging, and unloading can be undertaken by one person, without other people's command.


The control of the crane can use the SV series rf modem SV6202, which has the advantages of long transmission distance, stable and reliable working performance, good diffraction ability, and can be used in complex environments. For example, in complex industrial environments such as mountains, jungles, factories, etc., the advantages of using this series of products are more prominent.

rf modem SV6202

NiceRF specializes in the development and production of wireless modules, LoRa modules, etc., which are widely used in remote meter reading, security systems, access control systems, robot control, crane control, and other fields. Professional technical support provides customers with mature Internet of Things solutions, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, stable performance modules, and has won unanimous praise from customers in the industry.

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