Precautions for the use of LoRa module

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As the hottest low-power long-distance wireless module in recent years, the LoRa wireless module is very popular in the market. Reasonable and standardized installation and use are one of the important factors for the long-term stable operation of the LoRa module, and it can also avoid damage and reduce maintenance and project operation and maintenance costs. Today's main purpose is to describe some precautions during the installation and use of the LoRa module, hoping to help everyone.

Anti-interference LoRa module


1. Parameter settings

During the use of the LoRa wireless module, all parameters must be set to the same, such as rate, frequency band, etc., before communication between the modules will occur, otherwise, there will be garbled codes and data loss.


2. Same frequency interference

Co-channel interference has always been a problem in the wireless field. For specific solutions, please refer to the following article: What is the co-channel interference of the LoRa module? How to solve it?


3. Strong interference source

During the use of the LoRa wireless module, avoid working in places with strong interference sources, such as scenes with many metals and buildings, which will have a great impact on the transmission of the LoRa module.


4. Power supply

During the use of the LoRa wireless module, a suitable DC stabilized current must be selected. Too small will cause insufficient power and shorten the transmission distance; too large will cause the LoRa wireless module to burn out. It is best to choose a power supply with anti-interference, low ripple, and strong load capacity. Excessive power ripple will also interfere with the transmission distance of the LoRa wireless module.


5. Environment

The harsh working environment will affect the use of the LoRa wireless module. For example, if the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the service life of the LoRa wireless module. And try to avoid using the LoRa module in the humid air. The air humidity will affect the transmission distance of the wireless module.


6. Lightning protection measures

Lightning protection measures are a very important protection measure for LoRa wireless modules. Once a customer’s LoRa wireless module was damaged by lightning, many incidents have caused the project to be interrupted. Therefore, it is very important to take lightning protection measures.


7. Grounding measures

Grounding is an important factor affecting the normal operation of communication equipment. Its functions are as follows: Reliable grounding reduces noise and other interference to the LoRa wireless module communication equipment, improves the working stability of the electronic components of the communication equipment and ensures that the electronic components in the communication equipment are free of charge. Damaged by static high voltage and instantaneous discharge pulse; good grounding enables communication equipment to obtain a good shielding effect, avoiding external electromagnetic interference, etc.


8. Antenna

In the process of using the LoRa wireless module, you must choose a suitable antenna. A suitable antenna will bring a great gain effect to the LoRa wireless module. On the contrary, there will be problems such as insufficient transmission distance. And it is best to keep the antenna more than one meter away from the ground and avoid interference sources such as obstacles around it. The higher the antenna is, the higher the gain. NiceRF Wireless recommends matching the antenna according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


9. Standard installation and use

In the process of installation and use, please follow the manufacturer's regulations to use, so that the probability of problems will be much smaller. If you don't understand, you must consult the manufacturer. Don't operate blindly by yourself. Otherwise, if there is a problem, the gain will not be worth the loss.

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