Application of AES128 Data Encryption in Industrial Data Collection with LoRa Module

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The Need for AES128 Encryption in LoRa Module

The LoRa module is a low-power, long-range wireless communication device ideally suited for industrial data collection applications. In specific scenarios, wireless transmission not only requires long-distance and low-power capabilities but also demands data transmission security, such as in the case of water quality monitoring data transmission. To ensure the security of transmitted data, encrypting the data using cryptographic algorithms is essential. Encrypting transmitted data helps prevent unauthorized access to data content.

For the LoRa module, one of the commonly used encryption algorithms is the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, specifically AES128, which uses a 128-bit encryption key length. AES128 is a symmetric encryption algorithm that employs highly complex mathematical operations and transformations, providing robust data encryption and security. Using AES128 data encryption is a common security measure. Encryption ensures data confidentiality and integrity, protecting data from unauthorized tampering or theft during data collection.

Basic Steps for AES128 Data Encryption with LoRa Module


1.Key Generation: Firstly, a 128-bit encryption key needs to be generated for encrypting and decrypting data. Key generation typically utilizes random number generation algorithms to ensure key security.


2.Data Chunking: The data to be encrypted is divided into chunks of 128 bits (16 bytes) each. If the data length is not a multiple of 128 bits, padding may be required.


3.Initial Round Key Addition: The generated key is XORed with the first data chunk.


4.Round Operations: Following the AES algorithm specifications, a series of round operations are performed on each data chunk, including byte substitution, row shifting, column mixing, and round key addition.


5.Repeating Round Operations: According to the AES algorithm's specifications, based on the key length (128 bits) and the number of encryption rounds (typically 10 rounds), the round operations are repeated until the final round.


6.Final Round Key Addition: After the last round of operations, the final round key is XORed with the data chunk.


7.Cipher Text Generation: After repeating round operations and final round key addition, the final encrypted result, known as the ciphertext, is obtained.


The decryption process is the reverse of the encryption process, primarily reversing the operations performed during encryption. Using the same key, the ciphertext is decrypted to obtain the original plaintext data.

Primary Applications of LoRa Module AES128 Data Encryption

Data Transmission Encryption: Remote metering communication is wireless, and data may be susceptible to interference. By encrypting metering data using the AES128 encryption algorithm, data security during transmission is ensured, preventing data tampering.

Data Storage Encryption: During the storage and processing of metering data, encrypting the data using AES128 ensures data security on storage media.

NiceRF company upgraded LoRa data transmission module series features AES128 data encryption, compact design, and -129dBm high sensitivity, making it suitable for industrial data collection applications with security and performance requirements. In addition to AES128 data encryption mentioned earlier, our LoRa module series supports MESH networking mode with optional hop counts. By configuring hop counts, network performance and coverage can be effectively optimized, providing better communication quality and user experience.


In summary, the LoRa module is ideal for certain industrial data collection applications where data security, such as in water quality monitoring data transmission, is crucial. Encrypting data with the LoRa module data encryption, using AES128 for both data transmission and storage encryption, helps prevent data leakage and tampering by unauthorized individuals.


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