What is a sensor monitoring system

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Introduction of sensor monitoring system

Using a wireless module, a sensor, collects data from outside the system and inputs it into an application system for data statistics inside the system. The principle of operation is to automatically collect non-power or power signals from analog and digital units under test such as wireless modules and other devices to be tested, and send them to the computer system for analysis and processing. Data acquisition is a sensor monitoring system developed to measure physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, humidity, pressure, etc. It is based on wireless modules, sensors and other hardware combined with application software and computers to measure various physical phenomena.


Functions of sensor monitoring system

Take NiceRF's ultra-low power sensor monitoring system as an example:

It is mainly applied to sensor data acquisition and control for the IOT. The whole network system consists of gateway IOT-G010 and node IOT-N010/ IOT-THS010,using a wireless star network networking.

The sensor monitoring system can realize real-time acquisition, wireless transmission, wireless monitoring and early warning of data parameters such as temperature, pressure, gas, temperature and humidity, liquid level, flow rate, light, rainfall, vibration, speed, etc.


Block Diagram of sensor monitoring system

Block Diagram of sensor monitoring node IOT-N010 and IOT-THS010

(IOT-N010 and IOT-THS010 Block Diagram)


Block Diagram of sensor monitoring gateway IOT-G010

(IOT-G010 Block Diagram)


Block Diagram of sensor monitoring system

(System Block Diagram)


Application of sensor monitoring system

①Various sensor signal acquisition and control

②Smart home

③Security, access control

④Remote control

⑤Industrial control



⑧Multi-channel switch / door magnetic signal collection summary

⑨Smart manhole cover

⑩Remote meter reading


Advantages of sensor monitoring system

1. Ultra-low power consumption

2. Up to 255 nodes with 1 gateway without data collision

3. OTA & Serial firmware upgrade for nodes and gateways

4. Wake up in the air

5. OTA parameter modification

6. Multiple interfaces such as SPI, I2C, GPIO, etc., with strongexpandability

7. Fast customization of various functions

8. Accurate calculation of battery life

9. Lost Link indicator

10. Time synchronize between node and gateway

11. RTC for gate

12. RTC for node with low power consumption

13. Time synchronize between nodes

14. Multi-sensors and expand easily


Sensor monitoring system related product recommendation

Product modelProduct ImageType
IOT-G010IOT Sensor Monitoring System Gateway IOT-G010IOT sensor monitoring system gateway
IOT-N010Low Power Multi Sensor Monitoring Node IOT-N010IOT serial port acquisition node
IOT-THS010IOT Temperature And Humidity Sensor Monitoring And Switch Status Detection Node IOT-THS010IOT temperature and humidity and switch acquisition node
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