How to purchase a wireless transceiver module

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There are all kinds of wireless transceiver modules on the market, and their performance is good or bad. If you buy blindly, it may bring economic losses and affect the reputation of product performance. Then how should we purchase wireless transceiver modules, the following describes how to select wireless transceiver modules.


How to choose the right wireless transceiver module?

  1. Analyze from the demand: what kind of performance the product should achieve, what are the functional requirements, whether the parameters are appropriate, how much power is used, which frequency to choose, and how far the distance needs to be transmitted, etc.
  2. It is necessary to consider the appearance size of the product and whether it can be embedded in the device.
  3. Considering the price of the product and whether it achieves a good performance-to-price ratio with the current equipment products, you must not choose inferior modules for the sake of cheapness.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether there are buildings, trees, electromagnetic interference, etc. in the actual application environment. According to the actual situation, if there are many interference sources, it is undoubtedly clear to choose a LoRa wireless transceiver module with strong anti-interference. Because the LoRa module has the advantages of low power consumption, long distance, strong anti-interference, and high receiving sensitivity. Used in a complex environment, the communication distance can be guaranteed to a certain extent.

wireless transceiver module with antenna

After determining which wireless transceiver module to choose, it can be used with a suitable frequency and high-gain antenna, so as to effectively improve communication stability and communication distance. Suggestion: It is best to choose the antenna produced by the module manufacturer to help ensure the best working condition of the module.

The above is the method of selecting the appropriate wireless transceiver module. The purchase of wireless transceiver module depends on the reputation of the wireless transceiver module manufacturer in the industry, so that all aspects can be considered before bulk purchase.

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