How to choose antenna for 2.4 GHz module

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2.4 GHz module is widely used in smart home, toy control, industry, medical and other industries due to its advantages such as high confidentiality, low power consumption, and large transmission bandwidth. To ensure a longer communication transmission distance, a high-gain, frequency-matched antenna is selected to increase the distance. So, how to choose an antenna for a 2.4 GHz module, this article will answer this.

spring antenna, rod antenna, sucker antenna


We all know that the antenna is an important part of the communication system, and its performance directly affects the indicators of the communication system. Therefore, when choosing an antenna, focus on its performance. The gain of the antenna is one of the important indicators of the antenna. It is the product of the directional coefficient and the efficiency and is the performance of the antenna radiated or received.

Generally speaking, the 2.4 GHz module requires an impedance of 50 ohms. The antenna used with the 2.4 GHz module has a red wire, 2.4g folded rod antenna, 2.4g gold-plated straight rod antenna, 2.4g gold-plated elbow rod antenna, 2.4g small sucker antenna. These antennas are all dedicated antennas designed for 2.4g wireless communication systems. The antennas have good standing wave ratio performance, small size, smart structure, easy installation, stable performance, and good anti-vibration and aging capabilities.

Choosing the antenna of the 2.4 GHz module can be considered from the frequency, gain, input and output impedance, etc. Generally speaking, the most important parameter is the gain. The larger the gain, the stronger the signal and the longer the transmission distance. In addition, the frequency of the antenna must match the frequency of 2.4g. If you choose a 433m antenna with a 2.4 GHz module, this will not be able to play the best role of the antenna.

In summary, choosing the antenna of the 2.4 GHz module can be based on the consideration of the frequency, gain, input and output impedance, etc., and the matching antenna can be selected to give full play to the best performance of the 2.4 GHz module.

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