How to choose wireless switch module

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What is a wireless switch module

Wireless switch input module: It is a processing module that sends external control signals or on-site detection signals to the PLC CPU. The external signals are generally buttons, proximity switches, travel switches, etc.

Wireless switch output module: It is the result of logic processing by PLC according to the signal input by the input module and internal logic programming. The switch output is output by the output module to output high and low level signals to drive external intermediate relays, contactors, indicator lights, Solenoid valve and other components, and then make the external equipment perform corresponding actions.

The wireless switch module is a device that can collect switch signal input/control output.

wireless switch module SK509



How to choose wireless switch module

1. Interface

The common interfaces of wireless switch modules are I/O, RS485, and the module interface of NiceRF is mainly I/O.


2. Channel & communication mode

The channels of the wireless switch module are 1, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. The communication mode is one-way control and two-way control. NiceRF's modules are 1 channel and 4 channel, both one way or two-way control.


3. Transmission distance

Transmission distance is one of the important parameters of wireless switch modules, especially for industrial remote wireless switch control applications. NiceRF's wireless switch module SK200Pro (5W) has a maximum transmission distance of 12~15km in open areas.


4. Whether to support battery power supply

NiceRF's wireless switch module supports external battery power supply and power supply.


5. Whether to support external switch

NiceRF's wireless switch module supports external switches, which is convenient for customers to use. For example, a small remote control switch device is externally connected, and there is no need to perform switch control operations on the module.


How to choose a wireless switch module from NiceRF

Product modelInterfaceChannelCommunicationTransmission distance in open areas(km)Supply voltage
SK509I/O4 channelsTwo-way69~30V
SK200PRO-100mWI/O1 channelOne-way4~53.3~6.5V@TX 5~30V@RX
SK200PRO-1WI/O1 channelOne-way103.3~6.5V@TX 5~30V@RX
SK200PRO-5WI/O1 channelOne-way12~159~30V@TX 5~30V@RX
SK108I/O4 channelsTwo-way2.5~39~30V
SK108UI/O4 channelsOne-way3~49~30V
SK109I/O4 channelsTwo-way3~49~30V
SK100I/O1 channelOne-way1.53.3~6.5V @100mW,500mW
SK108HI/O4 channelsTwo-way2.5~39~30V
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