How to choose a cost-effective LoRa module

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There are many types of LoRa modules on the market, and common application areas are: home security alarm and remote keyless entry, remote meter reading, industrial remote wireless remote control. With the development of the Internet of Things communication technology, the LoRa module has won the favor of many companies or individuals due to its long communication distance, strong anti-interference, and low power consumption. However, the uneven quality of the module market makes people very tangled when choosing. How to choose a cost-effective LoRa module has become one of the focuses of customers.


How to choose a cost-effective LoRa module

When choosing a module, most people may search for wireless module manufacturers, and then compare which manufacturers have a good reputation, and may also go to the official website shops of those manufacturers to check the approximate price, etc. Let's take a look at how to pick a LoRa module.

1. Transmission distance of LoRa module

When selecting the module, it is necessary to consider the long-distance communication problem in the complex environment. How the transmission distance of the manufacturer's module in the open environment is much different from the distance that the customer needs to reach in the actual project, which is obviously inappropriate of. The measured communication distance of the LoRa module LoRa1276F30 can reach 8 kilometers, which can solve the problem of ultra-long communication distance in complex environments.

High Power LoRa Module LoRa1276F30

2. Low power consumption of LoRa module

General communication transmission distance and low power consumption cannot be achieved at the same time. However, the use of LoRa module can achieve ultra-long-distance transmission under low power consumption, especially in battery applications. LoRa1276F30 sleeps Current <10 uA.


3. Receiving sensitivity

In the actual application scheme, the ultra-high receiving sensitivity can be applied to occasions that require long-distance transmission and extremely high reliability.


4. Super anti-interference

Excellent anti-interference characteristics can ensure more reliable data transmission.


5. Price of LoRa module

Price is a factor that cannot be ignored. Many domestic wireless module manufacturers have LoRa modules with high stability and low prices. NiceRF recommends LoRa wireless module LoRa-CC68, which uses LLCC68 chip from Semtech Company, and has the advantage of mini size and low price.

LoRa wireless module LoRa-CC68

To purchase a cost-effective LoRa module, in addition to considering factors such as transmission distance, low power consumption, sensitivity, and anti-interference, it must also be combined with the company's project budget. The quality of the modules on the market varies from good to bad. It is not recommended that users buy low-cost modules in order to save money. If you look at the products launched by domestic manufacturers with real materials on the market, the modules developed by NiceRF are all industrial-grade materials. To provide users with quality-guaranteed products, it is an interpretation of our "based on integrity, innovation and far-reaching" purpose.

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