The difference between wireless switch module SK108, SK109, SK509

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There are three types of NiceRF wireless remote four-way wireless switch modules: SK108, SK109, SK509. These three switch modules are mainly used in security systems, wireless remote control telemetry, building community automation in security, access control systems, switch remote control, and home Automated telemetry. Next, make a table to analyze the differences between them.

Product numberSK108SK109SK509
Transmit power1W1.5W5W
Operating Voltage9~18V9~18V9~30V
Emission current<20mA<20mA<20mA
Receive current<200mA<300mA<2A
Working frequency433/470/868/915MHz433/470/868/915MHz433/470MHz
Receiving sensitivity-121dBm-121dBm-121dBm
Transmission distance2500m3200m7000m


SK108, SK109, and SK509 are industrial-grade remote four-channel wireless switch control modules, which provide four-channel signal input and four-channel control output interface. It has the characteristics of a simple interface and reliable work. Users can also configure and modify relevant parameters inside the module wirelessly in conjunction with the friendly PC interface.


The difference between wireless switch modules SK108, SK109, SK509

  1. The transmit power is different. SK108 transmitting power is 1W, SK109 transmitting power is 1.5W, and SK509 transmitting power is 5W.
  2. The working voltage is different. The working voltage of SK108 and SK109 is 9~18V, and the working voltage of SK509 is 9~30V.
  3. The receiving current is different. SK108 receiving current <200mA, SK109 receiving current <300mA, SK509 receiving current <2A.
  4. The working frequency is different. The working frequency of the SK108 and SK109 switch modules can be 433/470/868/915MHz, and the working frequency of SK509 can be 433/470MHz.
  5. Transmission distance: SK108 transmission distance is 2.5 kilometers, SK109 transmission distance is 3.2 kilometers, and SK509 transmission distance is 7 kilometers (in an open environment).

The parameters of the SK108, SK109, and SK509 switch modules are the same in transmitting current, receiving sensitivity, channel, modulation mode, and volume.


Which is better, SK108, SK109, SK509, how to choose the right wireless switch module?

The wireless switch module developed and produced by Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. complies with the standard in terms of module quality and craftsmanship, so there is no need to worry about product quality. You can choose the appropriate switch module from your actual project, and you can consider the transmission distance, power, and cost budget of the project.

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