Advantages of choosing LLCC68 LoRa module

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LLCC68 is a new generation of LoRa radio frequency chip produced by Semtech. LLCC68 is based on the original LoRa spread spectrum technology. It further magnifies the characteristics of high performance, low price and strong stability of LoRa radio frequency chip, effectively helping traditional small wireless links. market development.


Advantages of choosing LLCC68 LoRa module

1. The LLCC68 sub-GHz radio transceiver is ideal for long range wireless applications. It is designed for long battery life with just 4.2 mA of active receive current consumption.

2. The LLCC68 can transmit up to +22 dBm with highly efficient integrated power amplifiers.

3. The LoRa mode of LLCC68 supports more complete performance and solutions.

4. Compared with traditional small wireless products, LLCC68's FSK modulation mode has higher sensitivity.

5. LoRa Core LLCC68 can meet a variety of wireless transmission needs in the market. Its target application markets include: the existing FSK small wireless market; LoRa-based smart home applications; industrial control scenarios that require anti-interference, long-distance and real-time performance; the original LoRa does not Scenarios that require super long distances.


NiceRF: LoRa module based on LoRa Core LLCC68 design


It is a front-end LoRa module designed with Semtech's LLCC68 chip.

Combined with high-precision crystal oscillator, ultra-low receiving current and sleep current, -129dBm sensitivity.

Built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator can wake up the microcontroller periodically under low power consumption. The module antenna switch is integrated and controlled by the chip, which saves the resources of the external MCU.

The compact size and 22dBm (160mW) output power have great advantages in IoT and battery-powered applications.

LoRa-CC68-868-TCXO have obtained CE certification. LoRa-CC68-915 and LoRa-CC68-915-TCXO have also obtained FCC certification. Customers can quote our certification when doing complete machine certification, greatly saves time and reduces costs.



It is a small size, lowprice LoRa module launched by our company.

This module equips with LLCC68 chip of Semtech company, which is the latest generation technology of LoRa.

With small size, this new LoRa module has great advantages for multipurpose applications.

It also supports RSSI signal strength indication function and can be applied to evaluate signal quality, improve communication network, ranging and other operations.



It is a low currentUart LoRa module.The module adopts LLCC68 chip scheme and is designed based on Semtech official standard. Built-in hardware anti-crash self-reset circuit to resist strong external interference signals.

The LoRa610II module is designed for 160mW output power and embedded small size design, which is widely used in wireless remote transmission control industries.

LoRa610II module supports AES128 data encryption method, LBT (Listen Before Talk) function is optional, and node/routing/node+routing is optional in MESH mode.



It adopts LLCC68 chip of Semtech company, built-in hardware anti-crash self-reset protection circuit and overcurrent,overvoltage and connection reverse protection circuit, resisting external strong interference signals.

The LoRa6100II module is designed to be low-voltage, and has an output power of 1W @4V and 2W @5V, which is convenient for the application of a single-cell lithium battery.

Low price, Embedded smallsize, long range, power supply of low voltage make it use widely in many application.


How to choose LLCC68 LoRa module

Product modelLoRa-CC68LoRa-CC68-X1LoRa610IILoRa6100II
 LLCC68 LoRa module LoRa-CC68LLCC68 LoRa module LoRa-CC68-X1LLCC68 LoRa module LoRa610IILLCC68 LoRa module LoRa6100II
Product categoryLoRa Module (SPI)LoRa Module (SPI)LoRa Module(UART)LoRa Module(UART)
PriceRegular priceLow priceLow priceLow price
Operating frequency(MHz)

433/470 /868/915

(customizable 150~960MHz)

433/470 /868/915 (customizable 150~960MHz)433/470 /868/915433/470 /868/915
Modulation modeLoRa、(G)FSKLoRa、(G)FSKLoRaLoRa
Receiving sensitivity-129dBm@LoRa-129dBm@LoRa-129dBm@1.3Kbps-129dBm@1.3Kbps
Crystal oscillator10ppm industrial crystal oscillator, 0.5ppm TCXO temperature compensated crystal oscillator10ppm industrial crystal oscillator**
Operating voltage range1.8~3.7V3.4~5.5V
Operating temperature range-40~+85 ℃
Transmit power range-15~+22dBm-15~+22dBm1~+22dBm15~+33dBm
Receive current<5mA@passive crystal oscillator<8mA@TTL level
<6.5mA@TCXO crystal oscillator
Emission current<110mA<130mA<1300mA
Sleep current1.9uA@ OFF mode (SLEEP mode with cold start) All blocks off<5uA<240uA
2.3uA@ SLEEP mode (SLEEP mode with warm start) Configuration retained
2.9uA@ SLEEP mode (SLEEP mode with warm start) Configuration retained + RC64k
0.56mA@ STDBY_RC mode, RC13M, XOSC OFF
Transmission distance in open area6km6km5km12km
Size (L*W*H)16*16*2.1mm12.5*13.78*1.8 mm29.85*16.1*3mm39.55*22.93*3.15 mm
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