The advantages of wireless modules used in cranes and other large equipment

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We all know that safety is a key consideration in the operation of cranes. The development of Internet of Things communication technology, especially the application of wireless modules, makes wireless control technology play an important role in the crane industry, which not only improves the safety of cranes during operation. It also realizes the complex operation of the crane. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of wireless modules used in cranes and other large equipment.

Application of wireless module in crane

The safety of the crane is determined by factors such as the operation of the driver and the lack of rigidity due to corrosion of the original parts (cables, sheaths, tow chains). To ensure the safety of the crane, collecting signals from various special parts of the crane is a solution to the problem key.

The crane structure is complex and it is not easy to wire, so the wireless connection of the signal is an effective way to solve the crane problem. Since the development of communication technology is more mature than a few years ago, the measured wireless module of Shenzhen Siwei Wireless's communication products can reach 5000 meters. If you want to reach a longer distance, you can choose a module with a higher power to achieve.


What are the problems in crane operation?

In the process of work, the crane cable will continue to be bent, so this situation will lead to an important maintenance problem, general bridge cranes will use flexible wire sheathing or drag chains to reduce the application due to bending pressure on the cable. In some cases, the cable wire is wound several times in advance to reduce the bending amplitude of the cable. Although the above methods have improved the problems in crane operation to a certain extent, there are still certain risks, so the cables still need to be replaced.


How to solve the crane problem?

In large equipment such as cranes, wireless modules are used to replace the function of cables. The absence of cables can directly reduce subsequent cost maintenance. A bridge crane is controlled wirelessly on the warehouse floor. The position of the crane is obtained by laser displacement sensors, one for measuring the X-axis direction and the other for measuring the Y-axis direction.

Each reflector laser displacement sensor outputs a signal, and the signal is connected to an analog input terminal. The wireless device periodically collects the analog output signal to obtain the position of the bridge crane. Since the wireless device and the two sensors are installed on the mobile crane, only a small amount of cables are used to connect the I/O signals, and there will be no bending.


Advantages of using wireless modules

  1. The location information is transmitted wirelessly to reduce the risk of collision and reduce the cost of damage due to the replacement of damaged parts.
  2. There is no risk of cable damage when the wireless module is used, and the maintenance cost will be greatly reduced.
  3. There is no need to lay a large number of cables during the installation of the control system.

The above are some of the problems that will occur when working on large-scale crane equipment, and the solutions given to these problems. By using wireless modules to control the crane, safety can be improved and capital costs can be reduced.

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