RF Module RF4463Pro Application in Wireless Responder

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Background of RF Module Application in Wireless Responder

In TV shows or electronic knowledge competition programs held by some schools, responders are usually products carried by analog circuits and digital circuits. Although this kind of products have been quite mature in technology, due to the increase of use space and quantity, responders become very troublesome. Therefore, the later wireless responders rose rapidly. This responder has small space constraints, convenient layout and a large number of nodes.

The RF module RF4463Pro launched by NiceRF is perfect for this application. Here is a specific sample.

wireless responder

Application introduction of RF module RF4463PRO in wireless responder

Wireless responder with RF module RF4463Pro is widely used in knowledge competition, sports and entertainment responder activities. This responder has stable performance and is suitable for all kinds of responder competitions or activities.

The design of RF4463Pro is a master-slave module. There is key on the slave, it will trigger transmission after key pressed. The wireless receiving module is the core, and the peripheral circuits such as display module, input module and control module constitute the wireless transmitting module on the slave.

After detecting the information received by the RF module RF4463Pro, the system control center makes corresponding processing and sends it to the display module. The display module displays the responder and question answering time. The host can control the whole responder process through the control module. The RF module RF4463Pro mainly sends and receives wireless signals, and transmits the signals to the SCM.


Advantages of RF module RF4463Pro in Wireless Responder

RF4463Pro RF module is developed by NiceRF. It adopts silicon lab Si4463C device, with extremely low receiving sensitivity (- 126 DBM) and maximum output power + 20 dBm, so as to expand the range and improve the link performance. This module is small in size, only 17.3 * 17 * 2.6mm, which is easy to be embedded in various devices.

RF4463Pro module has an open transmission distance of 2000 meters. The strong anti-interference ability and stable communication performance enable it perfectly fit the use of wireless responder.

RF Module RF4463Pro Application in Wireless Responder

RF4463Pro is strictly produced and tested by lead-free process, which complies with RoHS and REACH standards.

CE, FCC and IC certificates are all available for customers need, so as to greatly save time and reduce costs when doing the whole machine certification.

The interferences is almost inevitable when using wireless responder. To select a good RF module, we have to consider the transmission distance and communication performance of the module, as well as the anti-interference ability of the module.

The wireless responder can use the RF module RF4463Pro to transmit and receive wireless signals. As a professional wireless module manufacturer in Shenzhen, NiceRF has high-quality technical support service, sound production system and perfect quality assurance system. If you are interested in the modules of NiceRF, please feel free to contact us(Email:

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