Can there be communication between wireless modules without an antenna

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In the wireless communication system, the antenna is a very important part. So, can the wireless modules communicate without an antenna? The answer is yes. Even without an antenna, the modules can communicate, but the transmission distance is not ideal. Below, this article will analyze this problem in detail, and talk to you about the benefits of connecting the wireless module to the antenna.


Test: The wireless modules can communicate without an antenna

There is no antenna to communicate between the modules. We use two LoRa1276F30 DEMO demo boards without antennas to test. First, turn on the power switch and set the required transceiver frequency, encoding rate, spreading factor, bandwidth, power, and other parameters. After being consistent, we put the two DEMO boards side by side and can observe that the transmitted data packet and the received data packet data are the same, indicating that the two modules can communicate normally without an antenna.

wireless module LoRa1276F30 DEMO demo

Note: In the above picture, you can see that there are SMA antenna sockets on the DEMO demo board. This place is used to connect the antenna. The DEMO board of the LoRa1276F30 wireless transceiver module tested this time has this SMA antenna socket, but the antenna is not connected. Under this circumstance, the two wireless modules can communicate normally.


Benefits of connecting the wireless module to the antenna

Connecting the module to the antenna can make the communication distance farther. It has been tested that the modules without an antenna can communicate normally. Now we have set the parameters of the demo version of the receiving end and place it in one place, take the transmitted DEMO board and walk forward, observe whether the received packet data is consistent with the transmitted packet data, and stop to test the distance at the moment of packet loss. After actual measurement, it is found that the communication distance between these two modules is very short. Without the antenna, the communication distance between the two modules is only about 17 meters. The test environment is the corridor aisle at the entrance of Siwei Wireless. If the demo board of the LoRa1276F30 wireless module is connected to the antenna, the measured distance can reach 6 kilometers.

This shows the importance of connecting the wireless module to the antenna. Needless to say, the benefits need not be said. I believe that everyone will know about it through the above. The module is connected to the antenna, and the communication transmission distance is more than 5000 meters longer than that without the antenna. The difference is too much. This is why after the customer has purchased the module, we recommend choosing a well-matched antenna.

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