The software difference of the NiceRF LoRa module data transmission series

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The transparent transmission series of the NiceRF LoRa module has four different software versions: LoRa basic series, LoRa_AES series, LoRa_MESH series, LoRa_Pro series. Many customers of our company keep asking about the difference between these four LoRa module software series, and are these four software version series compatible? Here, our company will analyze the differences between these four software versions.

First of all, we first introduce the functions of these four LoRa module software series.


LoRa basic series:

The LoRa module is based on the most basic transmission in the LoRa modulation mode. In addition to the data content, it also has packet structure processing functions such as preamble, synchronization word, Checksum, and CRC.


LoRa_AES series:

In the LoRa basic series, the AES encryption function is added; in the process of wireless communication, the LoRa module, in addition to its own data encryption function, can also superimpose and enable AES128 encryption. The user can read or change the AES128 secret key of the LoRa module at will through the PC software. After the AES128 encryption mode is enabled, the wireless transmission delay will be slightly longer, but the protection of data in the air is the best. If you are in applications that require high data encryption for transmission, you can use the AES128 encryption function of the LoRa module.


LoRa_Mesh series:

The Mesh function is added to the LoRa basic series. In the MESH mode, the LoRa module can be configured into nodes and routes through different modules to form a MESH network as a whole to achieve point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission, configured as Node The node segment module of the model is similar to the module of the standard communication terminal. The routing module configured in the Router mode will forward the data under the same network to solve the problem of insufficient single point-to-point transmission distance in many practical applications. There is no limit to the number. In the case of insufficient transmission distance, the mesh networking mode can be used to solve the problem.


LoRa_Pro series:

The LoRa_Pro series is a series of three software versions that integrate LoRa basic, LoRa_AES, and LoRa_Mesh, and users can switch to any mode through configuration.

Model NumberFeatureMaximum payload length ( bytes)Delay timeEncryptionRoutingLBTcommunicate with other modules
LoRa seriestransparent wireless communication, the basic function200shortestxorNoNoLoRa, LoRa_AES, LoRa_MESH Not interoperable, LoRa Pro Can be configured Interoperate with these three models
LoRa_AES seriesAES encryption /decryption added62longestAESNoNo
LoRa_Mesh seriesMesh function added150middlexoryesNo
LoRa-Pro seriesthe newest version, combine all the above function231different according to the setting.configurableyesYes

After introducing the functions of these four software versions, let's take a look at the differences between these four software versions.                                                        

From the above table, you can clearly see the difference between the four LoRa module software series, and the above question of compatibility has also been answered very well. The three software versions of LoRa Basic, LoRa_AES, and LoRa_Mesh are different. Not compatible, but the LoRa_Pro series can be configured to be compatible with these three software series.

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