What is the difference between the wireless module with and without MCU

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The full name of MCU in English is Microcontroller Unit. Translated into Chinese, it is called Microcontroller Unit, which is what we often call MCU. MCU is a kind of integrated circuit chip, which uses super large-scale integrated circuit technology to integrate the central processing unit CPU, random access memory RAM, counter, USB, A/D conversion, UART, and other functions with data processing capabilities into a silicon chip. A small and complete microcomputer system of can provides different controls in different applications. The MCU plays the role of the processor and main controller in the field of wireless modules.

When our customers buy our wireless modules, they will ask our company a question. What is the difference between a wireless module with an MCU and a wireless module without an MCU?

The wireless module without MCU is called the wireless front-end module in our company. The module cannot be used alone and requires the user to write a program to drive this module; the wireless module without MCU is convenient for customers to write programs and control, which is beneficial to customers in the existing foundation On the second development.

Wireless front-end module without MCU

(Wireless front-end module without MCU)

Our wireless data transmission module is equipped with MCU. The control program in the module has been written by our company and burned into the MCU. Therefore, the wireless module with MCU can directly transmit and receive communication without using other tools, which is very trouble-free. Convenient, more suitable for some customers who do not have a good development team.

Wireless data transmission module with MCU

(Wireless data transmission module with MCU)

Whether it is a wireless front-end module without MCU or a wireless data transmission module with MCU, our company has a complete product guarantee system and high-quality technical support services. Please rest assured to choose our products. If you have any questions or are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us.

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