A Comparative Analysis of Common LoRa1280/RF2401PRO/RF2401 2.4GHz Wireless Modules

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In the modern advancement of technology, the application of wireless communication technology is becoming increasingly widespread. As an important communication tool, 2.4GHz wireless modules possess the characteristics of convenience, efficiency, and stability. They are widely used in various fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless remote controllers, smart homes, and health monitoring. This article will provide a detailed introduction to several 2.4GHz wireless modules, aiming to help you better understand and utilize related devices.

The LoRa1280 is a high-performance wireless module operating in the 2.4GHz frequency band, designed specifically for long-range applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). It is developed by our company based on Semtech Corporation's high-performance radio frequency chip, the SX1280.

The LoRa1280 is a high-performance wireless module designed for long-range applications in the 2.4GHz frequency band within the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a series of products developed by our company based on Semtech Corporation's high-performance radio frequency chip, the SX1280. The LoRa1280 wireless module utilizes LoRa modulation, effectively addressing the limitation of short communication range found in typical 2.4GHz modules.


The entire series incorporates industrial-grade crystal oscillators with a precision of 10 parts per million (ppm). Combined with the high-penetration capabilities of the 2.4GHz frequency band and the LoRa modulation mode, these modules exhibit high sensitivity in reception and robust resistance to environmental interference. This enables them to perform functions such as wireless ranging, making them well-suited for applications requiring long-range 2.4GHz transmission.

The SX1280 is a wide-range, low-power wireless communication module that features highly accurate distance measurement capabilities.


The RF2401 series wireless modules are designed for long-range, low-power, and high-sensitivity FSK wireless digital communication within the 2.4GHz ISM global license-free band. These modules utilize wireless chips designed by a top European RF company. In addition to their low cost, small size, and product stability, they boast a maximum transmission power of 10dBm, a receive current of 7mA, and a tested receive sensitivity of -115dBm, allowing for a maximum range of up to 500 meters. This significantly surpasses similar 2.4GHz wireless modules of its kind. The RF2401 series can be widely used in daily life and activities that require wireless connectivity.


The RF2401PRO 2.4GHz wireless module utilizes the nRF24L01+ device from Nordic Semiconductor, which is a highly integrated 2.4GHz ISM band wireless transceiver chip. The major advantage of the RF2401PRO wireless module is its capability for transmitting voice and images. However, this feature results in a relatively shorter transmission distance compared to other modules.

Transmission Technologies and Characteristics:


LoRa1280: Utilizes LoRa modulation technology, known for its long-range communication and low power consumption characteristics, suitable for applications requiring long-range and low-power operation.

RF2401PRO: Features excellent transmission performance, supports high-speed data transmission, suitable for applications with high performance requirements.

RF2401: Typically employs FSK modulation, suitable for general wireless communication applications, and offers a lower price point.

Power Consumption and Battery Life:

LoRa1280 and RF2401PRO are both designed with low-power modes, capable of extending the battery life of devices, making them suitable for long-term operation and battery-powered applications. RF2401, while generally not as efficient in power consumption as LoRa1280 and RF2401PRO, also possesses some energy-saving characteristics.

Data Transmission Rates:

LoRa1280: Offers relatively low data transmission rates, typically suitable for applications requiring low-speed data transmission.

RF2401PRO: Provides higher data transmission rates, suitable for applications requiring fast data transfer.

RF2401: Typically offers moderate data transmission rates, suitable for general wireless communication needs.

Flexibility and Configuration Options:

RF2401PRO: Generally provides more configuration options and flexibility, allowing for tailored configurations based on specific application requirements.

LoRa1280: Also offers some configuration options, but not as diverse as RF2401PRO.

RF2401: Typically simpler with relatively fewer configuration options.

Application Fields:

LoRa1280: Suitable for applications requiring long-range, low-power communication, such as IoT (Internet of Things), agricultural monitoring, etc.

RF2401PRO: Suited for applications demanding higher transmission rates, such as remote control, sensor networks, etc.

RF2401: Suitable for general wireless communication needs, such as simple remote control, data transmission, etc.

2.4GHz wireless modules, as an important communication tool, have a very broad application outlook. Their application points are based on network protocols developed around their high-speed transmission rates, hence their advantages and disadvantages are also quite evident.

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