GPS module in the application of smart traffic

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GPS module is closely related to daily traffic

Smart phones, smart wears, smart home... are the trendy topic in recent years. With the development of science and technology, our lives are becoming more and more intelligent. Clothing, food, shelter and transportation are indispensable to our life. How intelligent is our travel ?

As soon as the bus APP came out, it was immediately cheered by our " bus enthusiasts". From then on, it was clear at a glance that 'I don't wait for the bus, the bus is waiting for me' and 'how many stops and about a few minutes are there for the bus to arrive'.

As soon as the bus app was launched, it immediately received cheers from our "bus enthusiasts".

Now, there are endless taxi apps, which only need a mobile phone to place an order and the driver can contact you to receive the order.


GPS module in the application of smart traffic

GPS module in the application of smart traffic

What gives ordinary vehicles have such amazing capabilities? This is only with the help of GPS satellite positioning system, a GPS module installed in the vehicle, the navigation satellite transmitted position, time and other positioning information. The bus company will network the stop signs of the line and the buses in motion, and the "every move" of the operating vehicles can be real-time feedback to the display screen of the control room. The road condition and road congestion can be fully seen without leaving the house. According to the actual situation, the departure interval is arranged to facilitate the travel of users.


Logically, GPS positioning monitoring system is composed of three parts, namely GPS positioning system, geographic information system (GIS) and communication link (GPRS). In terms of hardware composition, GPS positioning monitoring system is also composed of three parts, namely monitoring center, communication network and vehicle platform.


Application of GPS module in logistics industry

Logistics is the foundation of economic development. With the rapid development of social economy, the logistics industry is facing both development opportunities and challenges. In the traditional logistics process, the lack of access to relevant information and communication ,often leads to the inability to give full play to transportation resources.

Application of GPS module in logistics industry

For the transportation, such as driving failure, traffic obstruction and other emergencies, rescue is not timely, transportation interruption and other problems.

In the promotion of modern science and technology, logistics management in the process of development is also changing, this change is accompanied by the application of GPS technology and appear.

Through the positioning function of GPS module, it can monitor the vehicle position, start and stop status and other information in transportation, grasp the real-time transportation progress of the vehicle at any time, and share the current position information, so as to facilitate the query and make preparation for receiving goods in advance.


At the same time, it can also construct reasonable driving routes, save transportation costs, reduce the prevention of theft and robbery, and guarantee the safety of vehicles and goods.


Application of GPS module in rental industry

Taxi industry vehicle monitoring and scheduling management, make full use of positioning navigation communication network and positioning system, to connect car, satellite, management system together, and the vehicle positioning terminal, meter and IC card reader in series, improve the true and accurate data, strengthen the management of people and cars, macro control.

GPS module working principle diagram

The application of GPS module in the taxi industry can realize the real-time dispatching of vehicle monitoring, robbery prevention, theft prevention and alarm, improves the safety of vehicle operation and the response to emergencies, and improve the management of people and vehicles. 

The GPS module has a wide range of applications, including agriculture, transportation, logistics, and even shipping. It truly solves the problems encountered in the operation and management of enterprises, and improves the overall management level and informatization level.


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