The difference between wireless module and Bluetooth module

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Many people haverecently asked what is the difference between a wireless module and a Bluetooth module? NiceRF tells you here that the Bluetooth module is a branch of the wireless module, which belongs to the wireless transmission field. The questionis coming, what is the difference between the Bluetooth module and other wireless modules?

Bluetooth module:

Bluetooth module refers to the basic circuit set of chips integrated with Bluetooth function forwireless network communication, which can be roughly divided into three types:data transmission module, audio module, audio + data combo module and so on.Generally, modules have the property of semi-finished products, which areprocessed on the basis of chips to make subsequent applications simpler.

The Bluetooth module works in the global 2.4GHz ISM (that is, industrial, scientific,medical) frequency band, its data rate is 1Mbps, the time division duplextransmission scheme can be used to achieve full-duplex transmission; most othertypes of wireless modules use half Duplex transmission, so the Bluetooth modulestill has certain advantages in this regard。

The biggest feature of the Bluetooth module is that as long as two devices supporting Bluetooth transmission can achieve data transmission within the range of thetransmission distance, this is something that other wireless modules cannot do,because other wireless modules require a series of The relevant configurationcan achieve communication.

In addition, thepopularity of Bluetooth modules in smart devices is very high. For example, ourmobile phones and computers are equipped with Bluetooth function, so itsapplication market is very huge, coupled with its low power consumption and lowcost, easy to deploy , Large output, etc., make it very popular in the wirelessfield.

However, comparedwith other wireless modules, the Bluetooth module has a very big disadvantage,that is, its transmission distance is very short, only about a dozen metersaway, even the 2.4g wireless module that is famous for short distance in thewireless field is better than Its transmission distance is much longer, and itis also a shortcoming of the Bluetooth module in terms of transmission rate.

In general, the difference between the Bluetooth module and the wireless module is that the Bluetooth module has high popularity, ease of use, low cost, and output. The disadvantage is that its transmission distance is very short and thetransmission rate is slow.

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