What are the characteristics of the BLE module?

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Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Low Energy) is designed for the wireless data transmission of the Internet of Things. The BLE module born on this basis has been widely used in the Internet of Things Bluetooth devices with its ultra-low power consumption, fast connection, easy interaction and other characteristics middle.

BLE Module BLE5101


Features of BLE module:

1. Low power consumption, support standard Bluetooth BLE protocol

In order to better use the Bluetooth function on the application device, the BLE module supports the BLE 4.0/4.1/4.2/5.0/5.1/5.2/5.3 protocol. Due to its low power consumption, people do not have to worry about the power consumption of Bluetooth when using Bluetooth.


2. Master-slave integration, fast switching

Low-power BLE modules are generally based on a master device connected to multiple slave devices. All devices are either master (Peripheral) or slave (Centeral), and establish connections and data transmissions according to the protocol specifications.

The BLE module BLE5101 developed by NiceRF can be used as both a host and a slave. It can connect multiple masters and slaves at the same time, and supports up to 20 Bluetooth connections.


3. A variety of configuration methods, serial AT commands, transparent AT commands

BLE5101 supports serial AT command set, users can set and the operation of Bluetooth transmissive module according to AT command set.


4. Support one-to-many broadcast mode, built-in iBeacon protocol

A new feature added by Bluetooth Low Energy technology is the "Broadcast" feature. The data content of the Bluetooth broadcast is editable, this feature allows the slave device to inform it that it needs to send data to the master device, and the broadcast message also includes activity or measurement values. The BLE module can continuously broadcast in a low-power mode, and is used in applications with extremely low power consumption, small data volume, and one-way transmission, such as wireless meter reading, indoor positioning and other functions.


5. Support Bluetooth Mesh networking to realize Bluetooth self-organizing network

Bluetooth Mesh allows devices to be installed over a wide area while maintaining communication between each device. It can communicate directly between devices within the wireless coverage, or communicate with devices outside the wireless coverage through a relay device. Information can be relayed multiple times for very broad transmission. In a Bluetooth mesh network, data can be sent from any node to the entire network. In addition, when a node fails, the entire network can still maintain normal communication, which has the advantages of convenient networking and strong anti-interference ability.


6. Support UART interface, user MCU communicate with BLE module directly using serial communication mode

The user MCU directly communicates with the BLE module through serial communication; Bluetooth module can transmit all the serial transmissions data from user MCU to the other end device transparently through BLE wireless channel. The other end device can be a smartphone (iOS/Android) or other BLE devices.

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