The importance of matching antennas for wireless modules

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The antenna is oneof the very important accessories of the wireless module, it can help the wireless module bring high gain effect. To give a very practical example: awireless module without an antenna can only transmit a distance of 100 meters,and a wireless module with an antenna may have a transmission distance of 200meters. This is the gain effect of the antenna on the wireless module. However,the wireless module and the antenna also need to be used together. For example,a wireless module with a frequency of 433MHz needs to be used with an antennawith a frequency of 433MHz. There is another point that needs specialexplanation: when the power of the wireless module is larger, it is easy toburn the module without connecting the antenna, so the higher the power of thewireless module, the more the antenna is needed. Have you ever thought that thewireless module can use unmatched antennas? What if it is used with an unpairedantenna?

NiceRF's answer is that the wireless module can be used with unpaired antennas, but the effectwill be very poor. Today I think of wireless to do an experiment for everyone,so that everyone can clearly compare it.


Tool preparation

wireless transceiver module RF4463F30 demo board

Two RF4463F30 DEMO boards, two 915MHz antennas, two 433MHz antennas。

First, we first test whether the wireless module uses unmatched antennas to communicate.

We set the parameters of the two RF4463F30 DEMO boards to be the same, the frequency wasset to 433MHz, and the antenna used 915MHz:

Demo board parameters of RF4463F30

As can be seen from the picture, the RF4463F30 wireless module can communicate normally.

Next, we test the wireless module to use unmatched antennas, how is the effect:

Test environment:put the RF4463F30 wireless module at the receiving end in a closed shieldedroom, and the transmitting end in a normal environment:

RF4463F30 wireless module cannot communicate

In the picture, it can be clearly seen that the RF4463F30 wireless module cannot produce communication.

Next, we will replace the matching antenna, the test environment is as above:

RF4463F30 wireless module test

It can be seen from the picture that under the same test environment, the RF4463F30 wireless module can communicate normally when the matched antenna is replaced.

Through this test,we can clearly know the importance of using the correct matching antenna for the wireless module. Today's test is over here, if you have any questions,please feel free to consult us.

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