How to judge whether the wireless module is broken?

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In the process of using the wireless module, you will encounter various situations. The most feared thing is that the wireless module fails to work normally. If you encounter a situation where the wireless module is not working properly, Think Wireless is recommended to consult the manufacturer first to see if there is a solution. Someone will ask? Why should we consult the manufacturer first? Instead of sending it directly back to the manufacturer for repair? First, the wireless module is sent back to the manufacturer for repair, and the round-trip time is very long, which will cause the project to stand still for a longer time. Second, according to NiceRF's experience, there are many wireless modules that customers send back, but they are actually very small problems. As long as you consult the manufacturer, you can get a solution, which can also reduce the time of project stagnation.


So how do we judge whether the unnecessary module is broken? NiceRF has sorted out several common situations and hopes to help everyone.

1.    Wireless module power supply problem

The power supply problem of thewireless module is often encountered. When encountering a power supply problem,first check whether the red and blue lights of the wireless module flash normallyafter being powered on. If it flashes normally, it means that the module canwork normally; If it blinks, check whether the power supply is correctlyconnected, whether the power supply interface is loose, and whether the powersupply can drive the wireless module to work normally. If there is no problemwith the power supply and the red and blue lights cannot blink normally, youcan judge the wireless module is damaged Return to the manufacturer for repair.

2.    The wireless module is not working

If the wireless module does notwork normally, the module cannot transmit data. In this case, we can firstreset it. After reset, we can see whether the red and blue of the wirelessmodule flash normally three times (because the receiving and transmittingsignal lights of each manufacturer are inconsistent, only for reference). Afterthe red and blue lights flash normally for three times after reset, and thenquiet, it means that the wireless module resumes data transmission and cancontinue to work normally (the signal lights will flash normally duringtransmission and reception); if the red and blue lights of the wireless modulekeep flashing after reset , It means that the wireless module has not returnedto normal work, we have to check the next step.

First, check whether the maximumtransmission distance of the wireless module is exceeded. If it is, we firstcheck whether the wireless module can communicate at close range. If it cancommunicate, it means that the wireless module is good. Otherwise, the modulecan be judged to be damaged; if the wireless module does not exceed the maximumFor the transmission distance, we have to check whether the antenna is damaged,whether the antenna interface is loose, and whether it is placed correctly.(For the antenna placement, please consult the manufacturer).

There is another situation, when our hardwareequipment is intact, the wireless module cannot work normally, at this time wehave to check whether the surrounding environment has strong interferencesources (interference sources include: signal jammers, buildings, metals, etc.). In the case of interference sources, we recommend avoiding interferencesources. If you cannot avoid them, you need to consult the manufacturer to seeif there is a specific solution.

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