Can RF moudle SV611 communicate with LoRa611Pro?

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Many of our products are named and numbered and their appearances are very similar, causing many customers to have a lot of questions about this. For example, a customer recently asked whether our rf module SV611 can communicate with LoRa611Pro modules? Before answering this question, let's take a look at the brief introduction of these two rf modules.


100mW Industrial Anti-Interference Uart RF Module SV611

SV611 is an Industrial class & highly-integrated RF module, TTL / 232 /485 can be chosen corresponding to SV611-TTL / SV611-232 / SV611-485. SV611 has good sensitivity and 100mW output power to achieve long RF range and reliable RF communication. To avoid the interference, SV611 provides 40 frequency channels and configurable Net ID. SV611 is flexible but easy to use, it comes with many parameters, such as: frequency, data rate, output power, Net ID, Node ID. Users can configure the parameters through PC or customer’s own device.

SV611 strictly uses lead-free process for production and testing, and meets RoHS and Reach standards.

Uart RF Module SV611


100mW SX127X Smart Repeater Node Wireless LoRa RF Module LoRa611Pro

The LoRa RF Module LoRa611Pro is designed for 100mW output power and is available in TTL/RS232/RS485 levels. It is widely used in wireless remote transmission control.

LoRa611Pro strictly uses lead-free process for production and testing, and meets RoHS and Reach standards.

Note: The LoRa Pro series can be configured to be compatible with our previous LoRa RF Modules.

Hardware Features:

1. Optional interface: TTL, RS232, RS485.

2. Built-in hardware anti-crash self-reset circuit to resist strong external interference signals.

3. Overcurrent, overvoltage and reverse connection protection circuit.

Software Features:

1. AES128 data encryption.

2. LBT (Listen Before Talk) .

3. Node/route/node+route optional in MESH mode.

LoRa RF Module LoRa611Pro

Can RF moudle SV611 communicate with LoRa611Pro?

Because the modulation methods of different chips are different, it is impossible to communicate between them. For example, the communication chip of the rf module SV611 is si4432, and the modulation method is GFSK. The communication chip of the rf module LoRa611Pro is SX1278, and the modulation method is LoRa technology, so the SV611 module cannot communicate with the LoRa611Pro module.


About GFSK and LoRa modulation

GFSK modulation

The basis of GFSK modulation technology comes from FSK. GFSK Gaussian frequency shift keying modulation is a digital modulation method in which the input data is pre-modulated and filtered by a Gaussian low-pass filter, and then FSK modulation is performed. While maintaining a constant amplitude, it can control the frequency spectrum of the modulated signal by changing the 3dB bandwidth of the Gaussian low-pass filter. It has the desired characteristics of a wireless communication system such as a constant amplitude envelope, a concentrated power spectrum, and a narrow frequency spectrum. GFSK modulation technology is easier to implement, has strong anti-interference ability, and can compress signal power. Compared with LoRa modulation mode, its cost will be lower.

LoRa modulation

The LoRa modem uses patented spread spectrum modulation and forward error correction technology, which combines digital spread spectrum, digital signal processing and forward error correction coding technology. The LoRa modulation method can expand the coverage of the wireless communication link and realize wireless long-distance transmission. Compared with modulation methods such as GFSK/FSK, the communication distance can exceed about 10 times. At the same time, LoRa modulation has super anti-interference ability, and the ability to suppress co-channel GMSK interference signals reaches 20dB. The low power consumption of the LoRa modulation method also belongs to the top in the industry.

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