The Difference Between BLE Modules BLE5101 & BLE5201

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The BLE modules BLE5101 and BLE5201 are both bluetooth series products launched by NiceRF. Due to they share the same appearance and many similarities in functions, customers might be confused.

In order to help customers distinguish easily, here we listed the features of these two BLE Modules as below.

BLE module BLE5101 and BLE5201


The common features of BLE modules BLE5101 and BLE5201:

  1. Bluetooth MTU (the maximum number of bytes sent in a single packet): 247 bytes;
  2. Operating frequency range: 2400-2483.5MHz (2.4G);
  3. Support low-power sleep;
  4. Support over-the-air upgrade (OTA DFU);
  5. Host connection strategy: UUID filtering (you can view the host connection strategy of the specification);
  6. The maximum time for UART to read data at one time: 50ms;
  7. The maximum number of bound devices: 8;
  8. Support custom 16-bit UUID, including one Service uuid and two Characteristic uuid (Read & Write);
  9. Support manual scan connection and automatic connection (according to host connection strategy);
  10. Same size: 10.82*14.5*2.4 mm


The difference between BLE modules BLE5201 and BLE5101:

DifferenceBLE module BLE5101BLE module BLE5201
CertificationsFCC、CE、BQBThe module can pass various certifications
Internal MCUFR8012HAEFR32BG22
Bluetooth communication protocolBluetooth 5.1 protocolBluetooth 5.2 protocol
MAC address modificationCustomizableCan't edit
Maximum number of Bluetooth connections208
Master-slave roleThe coexistence of master and slave roles, which can connect to the master and slave at the same timeThe role of master and slave cannot coexist, the master and slave can only choose one
Maximum communication distance150m(10dBm, 1Mbps)150m(6dBm, Coded PHY)
Power range-16dBm~10dBm0dBm~6dBm
Sleep current< 7.5uA< 5uA
Initial boot modeConfiguration mode (can be modified by command)Transparent transmission mode, data can be transmitted transparently after connection
serial port for debugYesNo
Automatically initiate bindingNoYes
Communication rateOnly supports 1M PHYSupport 1M PHY, 2M PHY and Coded PHY (125K/500K)

That’s all about the common features and differences between these two BLE Modules. Hope it will be helpful for everyone. If you are interested in the BLE module of NiceRF, please feel free to contact us. In case of any technical questions, our professional engineers will be happy to answer you.

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