What is the wireless serial module and how to use it

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I often see many netizens asking questions on major forums and search engines about what is a wireless serial module, how to use the wireless serial port module, and so on. It may be people who are new to this industry or students who want to know about such products and have questions. This article will answer this question for you.


What is a wireless serial module

The wireless serial module is a module for wireless communication through the serial port. It is generally composed of a wireless transceiver chip and a single-chip microcomputer with a serial port. Users only need to understand the serial port communication and do not need to understand the complicated wireless communication knowledge to complete the development of wireless communication products. The most common application is to replace the original wired RS232, RS485 communication, using serial wireless modules, no construction wiring, can save material and labor costs to a large extent, in wireless meter reading, access control systems, wireless data collection and other fields Very extensive.

The SV series of wireless data transmission modules (SV610, SV611, SV612, SV613, SV614, SV650, SV651, SV652, SV653, SV654, SV6300, SV6500) of Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. are all wireless serial modules, and the modules have TTL/RS232/RS485 level interface, pay attention to distinguish the interface type when using it.


How to use the wireless serial module?

The wireless serial module is also relatively simple to use. Know which interface type is the serial port module used. If it is a TTL interface serial module, it should be used with a TTL interface adapter board. Connect the module and the USB adapter board through a 6PIN terminal line. Insert the USB header of the level adapter board into the computer. Next, download and install the USB driver and SV parameter configuration software. At this time, the dual-color light of the module is always on. Open the SV parameter configuration software and select the correct COM port to configure the parameters of the module through the computer.

How SV651 wireless module connected to the PC configuration parameters

For the specific usage method, please refer to: How SV651 wireless module connected to the PC configuration parameters

In summary, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of what the wireless serial port is and how to use the wireless serial module. If there are any unclear points in the use, welcome Customers come to consult us @

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