Application of LoRa module in the field of electric energy acquisition

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With the increasing development of industrial automation, urban residential housing construction, and rural small town construction, more and more power equipment is used. With the increasing number of independent electric meters, the collection of electric energy has also become increasingly complex. Traditional artificial electric energy collection can no longer meet the requirements of this industry, but the rise of lora technology can help us solve this problem very well.

Application of LoRa module in the field of electric energy acquisition

What are the shortcomings of traditional artificial electric energy harvesting?

  1. Accuracy

Traditional manual electric energy collection faces problems such as difficulty in entering the home, high intensity, and easy error in manual settlement methods.

  1. High labor cost

Traditional manual collection faces the problem of increasing labor costs year by year, and companies cannot effectively control operating costs.

  1. Long cycle

The biggest shortcoming of traditional artificial electric energy collection is that the cycle is too long, and it faces the problem of too low efficiency.


How is the LoRa module applied in the field of electric energy acquisition?

Install the LoRa module into the smart meter or electric box, and transmit the energy data collected by the sensor to the Lora module, and then the LoRa module will transmit the data information to the gateway, and then the gateway will upload it to the server. Finally, the server will perform the data processing. Unified settlement. (The lora module itself has no networking function, so it needs to use a gateway to upload to the server) The wireless power acquisition system is extremely accurate, which can reduce the problem of errors; the working cycle is very fast, only we need to issue a command, what we want The data can be quickly aggregated to our server.


Advantages of LoRa module in electric energy collection

  1. Work environment issues

Smart meters are usually installed in closed environments, such as corridors, indoors, underground, etc. The installation environment is complicated and there are many interference sources, but the LoRa module can solve (overcome) this problem very well. The spread spectrum modulation technology of the loRa module can be effective Improve its anti-interference ability.

  1. Transmission distance problem

The wireless transmission distance is the most critical link in the wireless power acquisition system. If this part does not meet the standard, many links will be useless. The LoRa module still has a very big advantage in terms of transmission distance. For example, the transmission distance of the loRa1276 module with only 100mW of Siwei Wireless can reach 4.6 kilometers (measured distance from National Highway 107, Bao'an District, Shenzhen).

  1. Save manpower and material resources

The electric energy acquisition system composed of LoRa modules can be intelligent and settled once. This method can not only prevent manual meter reading, such as false reading, missed reading, estimating and other human errors; it can also avoid the large time span of manual meter reading and the inability to copy the data at the same time, which is convenient for calculating the loss; it can also make the public utility department. While improving work efficiency, reducing labor intensity, downsizing staff and increasing efficiency, it also keeps abreast of the operation of various meters, and conducts statistics, calculations and analysis of electrical energy data.

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