What factors affect the quality of the BLE module

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Although there are many different sizes and types of BLE modules on the market for us to choose from, many smart device manufacturers are worried about how to choose a BLE module suitable for their products. In fact, the purchase of BLE modules mainly depends on what type of products you are producing and in what scenarios are you using them. Below, NiceRF summarizes some nine factors that affect the quality of BLE modules for the reference of the majority of smart device manufacturers.

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Nine factors that affect the quality of the BLE module

1. Chip

The chip determines the computing power of the BLE module. Without a strong "core", the performance of the BLE module cannot be guaranteed.


2. Power consumption

Bluetooth is divided into traditional Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth. Smart devices using traditional Bluetooth modules are frequently disconnected and need to be paired frequently, and the battery will be quickly depleted, while smart devices using BLE modules only need one time. A coin cell battery can run for a long time. Therefore, if it is a wireless smart device powered by a battery, it is best to use a Bluetooth 5.0/4.2/4.0 BLE module to ensure the battery life of the product.


3. Transmission content

The Bluetooth module can wirelessly transmit data and voice information, and is divided into a Bluetooth data module and a Bluetooth voice module according to functions. The Bluetooth data module is mainly used for data transmission, and is suitable for information and data transmission in public places such as exhibitions, stations, hospitals, squares, etc. Voice information transmission.


4. Transmission rate

When selecting a BLE module, be sure to know the application of the BLE module, and take the data transmission rate required under the working state as the selection standard. The required data rates vary widely.


5. Transmission distance

Equipment manufacturers need to understand the environment in which their products are used, and whether the requirements for wireless transmission distance are high. For wireless products that do not require high wireless transmission distance, such as wireless mice, wireless headsets, and remote controls, you can choose a BLE module with a transmission distance of more than 10 meters. For products that require high wireless transmission distance, such as decorative RGB lights, you can choose The transmission distance is more than 50 meters.


6. Package form

There are three types of BLE modules: in-line type, surface mount type and serial port adapter. The in-line type has pin pins, which is convenient for pre-soldering and suitable for small batch production. Surface-mount modules use semi-circular pads as pins, which are suitable for mass reflow soldering for relatively small carriers. The serial port Bluetooth adapter is used when it is inconvenient to build Bluetooth into the device, directly plug it into the nine-pin serial port of the device, and it can be used after power on.


7. Interface

Look at the specific implementation of the function requirements for the interface, the interface of the BLE module is divided into serial interface, USB interface, digital IO port, analog IO port, SPI programming port and voice interface, each interface can achieve corresponding different functions . If it is just data transmission, it is good to use a serial interface (TTL level).


8. Master-slave relationship

The master module can actively search and connect to other BLE modules with the same or lower Bluetooth version level; the slave module passively waits for others to search and connect, and the Bluetooth version must be the same or higher than its own. The general smart devices on the market choose the slave module, while the main module is generally used on devices that can be used as control centers such as mobile phones.


9. Antenna

Different products have different requirements for antennas. At present, the more commonly used antennas for BLE modules include PCB antennas, ceramic antennas and IPEX external antennas. If they are placed inside a metal bunker, generally choose a BLE module with an IPEX external antenna.


In addition to the above nine precautions, device manufacturers also need to know the size, receiving sensitivity, transmit power, etc. of the BLE module when purchasing a BLE module. Choosing a module doesn't have to be the best, but it must be the most suitable.

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