LoRa1262 wireless module introduction

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

NiceRF Wireless is a technology company specializing in the production of wireless module. The company has developed avariety of wireless front end modules and wireless data transmission modules for industrial and other markets. Custom projects are also acceptable. Today,we are introducing NiceRF Lora1262 front end module for wireless development.Here is its introduction:

LoRa1262 wireless module adopts sx1262 device of Semtech company, adopts high precision TCXO crystal oscillator,ultra-low receiving current and sleep current, -148dBm sensitivity. Built-in 64KHz crystal oscillator, can wake up the microcontroller regularly under the condition of low power consumption. The antenna switch of this module is integrated and controlled by the chip, which saves the resources of the external MCU. The compact size with output power of 22dBm (160mw) has great advantages in the Internet of Things and battery-powered application scenarios.

According to the introduction of the module, we can know that the module has the characteristics of low power consumption and high receiving sensitivity. Suitable for application scenarios including but not limited to the Internet of Things.

The following summarizes the important parameters of the module in the form of a table:

RX Current <6.5 mAUsing TCXO crystal
 <5 mAUsing a passive crystal
TX Current <130 mA 
Sleep Current 0.9 uAOFF mode (SLEEP mode with cold start) All blocks off
 1.3 uASLEEP mode (SLEEP mode with warm start) Configuration retained
 1.9 uALEEP mode (SLEEP mode with warm start) Configuration retained + RC64k
 0.56 uASTDBY_RC mode RC13M, XOSC OFF

The above are some current parameters when the Lora1262 module is working. These parameters help evaluate the power consumption of the module After understanding the current parameters, let's look at the RF parameters again.

Parameter Type ValueMinTypMaxUnitCondition
Frequency  Range850868890MHz@868MHZ
Power range-1522 dBm 
Receiving sensitivity -133 -dBm@LoRa BW=125KHz_SF = 10_CR=4/5

The above are some important parameters of this module.Understanding these parameters helps us make better use of the module. Hope this article helps you.

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