Why do wireless rf modules need shielding covers

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The shielding cover is very important for the wireless rf module, but the wireless rf module can have no shielding cover, which is very contradictory!


What is the shielding cover of the wireless rf module?

If you are familiar with or use wireless rf modules frequently, you will find that many modules are covered with a metal casing. This metal casing is the shield, which is one of the hardware facilities of the wireless rf module.


What is the function of the wireless rf module shield?

The important functional components such as relays, chips, single-chip microcomputers, and circuit boards that need to be protected are surrounded by shielding covers to form a protective circle to prevent external electromagnetic waves from interfering with internal circuits and internally generated electromagnetic waves from radiating outward. The wireless rf module plus shield is to improve the anti-interference ability!

When the wireless rf module is working, it will cause interference and radiation to the outside world. The greater the power, the greater the interference and radiation. Adding a shield to the wireless rf module can reduce these interference and radiation to a certain extent. Similarly, there are many complex interference sources in the outside world, such as electric fields and magnetic fields, which will interfere with the operation of the wireless rf module. After adding a shield to the module, the external interference sources can be well isolated, thereby improving the EMC performance of the wireless rf module.

The stronger the anti-interference ability of the wireless rf module, the correspondingly will increase the transmission distance of the module, so it is very necessary to add a shielding cover to the wireless rf module!


Does the wireless rf module have to have a shielding cover?

The answer is No. The shielding cover is not necessary, and it can be judged whether the wireless rf module needs to be equipped with a shielding cover according to the actual situation. For example, considering cost, appearance, and actual equipment usage, it is judged whether a shielding cover is needed. When using a shield, there are many factors to consider, such as the size of the shield, the distance between the shield and the electronic components, the material of the shield, etc. These factors are very important, because the design of the shield is not ideal. If so, it is likely to affect the performance of the wireless rf module.

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