New Product Release: SA618F30 Wireless Audio Module – 1W Long-Range Full-Duplex Wireless Audio Module Now Available

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

The SA618F30 is a high-performance-to-price ratio, highly integrated high-power full-duplex walkie-talkie module. It is equipped with a high-speed microcontroller, high-performance RF transceiver chip, and an RF power amplifier. Additionally, it offers a standard serial interface for communication, allowing for swift and straightforward configuration of module parameters and control of its transmit/receive functions. Users only need to connect an external audio amplifier, microphone, and speaker to this module to transform it into a compact walkie-talkie. The module's streamlined interfaces and ultra-compact design make it suitable for widespread applications. It can be easily and efficiently embedded into various handheld devices, enhancing the overall performance of the end product.


The SA618F30 is meticulously manufactured and tested using lead-free processes and complies with RoHS and Reach standards.


  1. Product Features:
  • Frequency Range: 410-490 MHz (customizable between 150-960 MHz) • Up to 8 devices can transmit simultaneously (unlimited reception) • Supports echo cancellation • 8-direction dynamic variation • Push-to-talk and VOX dual modes • Multi-level wireless relay • I2S digital audio + analog audio • Line In + Mic input • Supports data transfer • Low power consumption in sleep mode • Supports OTA and serial port upgrades • Open field transmission range of 3-4 kilometers • High reception sensitivity: -117 dBm • Highly integrated with a compact size
  1. Application Areas:
  • High-end full-duplex walkie-talkies • Conference phone systems • Headset-style walkie-talkies • Building and residential community security systems • Security for specialized scenarios • Walkie-talkies for specific job types

If you wish to learn more about wireless data communication modules, voice walkie-talkie modules, or wireless audio modules SA618F30, SA618F22, SA628F22, please visit our official website at to review product specifications. If you have any other inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at Our professional engineers are here to assist you.


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