Application requirements of BLE module on small devices.

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The application of Bluetooth wireless technology in small devices is primarily based on its solution development. The evolution of Bluetooth wireless technology has covered almost all small devices in various industries, such as POS card machines, parking lot sensors, Bluetooth vibration rods, industrial identifiers, electronic sensors, express delivery industry sensors, etc. So, what are the key requirements for the application of Bluetooth wireless technology in small devices?

The most critical issue for the application of Bluetooth wireless communication technology in small devices is the reception sensitivity. Typically, users are within a hundred-meter range when using Bluetooth devices, and sometimes Bluetooth signals need to penetrate multiple walls for communication. In such an environment, Bluetooth signals will weaken, and multiple interferences may occur, thereby the sensitivity issue of the connection between devices becomes apparent. So, how to solve this problem?

The weakening of Bluetooth signals will directly affect the sensitivity of devices using Bluetooth wireless technology. This requires whether the developer adopts Bluetooth signal enhancement technology. This technology adds an external antenna to the Bluetooth module to enhance the transmission signal, which can expand the signal transmission range to 10-120 meters, and also increase the sensitivity of the Bluetooth device.

Generally, small devices have a relatively small size, so the size of the Bluetooth module installed on small devices is also extremely important. If the Bluetooth module design is too large, it will not only affect the size of the entire device but also affect the interconnection of other components. Of course, all developers are trying to reduce the size of their products as much as possible. However, some technical aspects cannot forcibly reduce the size of the Bluetooth module, which will only affect the overall quality of the product. The BLE  module developed by NiceRF is one of the smallest size products on the market. With its proprietary cutting-edge technology, the size of the BLE module produced is smaller than a US one-dollar coin (as of 2018), making it very suitable for small devices that require Bluetooth technology.


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Product Model

Key Features:

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1. Supports Bluetooth mesh networking.

2. Supports the coexistence of master and slave roles, can connect to multiple hosts and slaves at the same time, up to 20 connections.

3. Supports Over-The-Air upgrade (OTA DFU).

4. Supports both manual connection and automatic connection modes.

5. Supports custom 16-bit UUID, including one Service UUID and two Characteristic UUIDs, can be flexibly configured and compatible with similar BLE products.

6. It has passed FCC ID and CE-RED certification.

7. Supports low-power mode.





1. Supports BLE master mode, slave mode, master-slave integrated mode and Beacon mode simultaneously.

2. Supports Over-The-Air upgrade.

3. Powered by a button cell battery, it can work for up to 10 years.

4. Easy to use, no need for any Bluetooth protocol stack application experience.

5.Supports low-power mode.






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