BLE module BLE5101 compatibility test

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

1. Introduction of BLE module BLE5101

BLE5101 is a kind of BLE module based on Bluetooth protocol version BLE 5.1, which is characterized by small size, low power consumption.

BLE5101 is available for multipurpose applications scenarios, smart wear, smart home. automobile, lighting, intelligent automatic data acquisition, intelligent control, wireless sensor, electronic label, etc.


2. Features of BLE module BLE5101:

  • Support coexistence of master & slave roles, and can connect up to 20 master devices and slave devices at the same time.
  • Abundant serial port parameters.
  • BLE module BLE5101 support OTA upgrade.
  • Connection can be maintained in low power consumption mode.
  • Minimum sleep current 6uA.
  • Support custom broadcast interval to adjust power consumption.
  • Support up to 8 binding encryption (regardless of master and slave).
  • Longer transmission distance.
  • Use AT command to set parameters, which is simple and easy to operate.


BLE module BLE5101


3. BLE module BLE5101 compatibility test mobile phone and content

Part of the following table is the test data of the original chip factory, and part is the measured data of NiceRF’s BLE module BLE5101.

BrandModelTime to marketChipSystemSearch and connectStandby for 30 minutes at 10m distanceTransfer 312K bytes of files in 80 seconds
AppleiPhone 8September 2017A11IOS 14.0.1PASSPASS42s
Apple iPhone 4S 2011 年 10 月 A5 IOS 7.1.2 PASS PASS 55siPhone 8 PlusSeptember 2017A11IOS 11.4.1PASSPASS48s
AppleiPhone XNovember 2017A11IOS 12PASSPASS36s
AppleiPhone XSSeptember 2018A12IOS 14.0.1PASSPASS41s
AppleiPhoneXS MaxSeptember 2018A12IOS 13.6.1PASSPASS38s
AppleiPhone 11September 2019A13IOS 13.3.1PASSPASS36s
AppleiPhone 11September 2019A13IOS 14.1PASSPASS39s
AppleiPhone SE Second generationApril 2019A13IOS 13.5.1PASSPASS41s
AppleiPhone 12October 2020A14IOS 14.1PASSPASS40s
HUAWEIHonor 8 LiteFebruary 2017Kirin 655Android 7PASSPASS51s
HUAWEIHonor 9June 2017Kirin 960Android 8PASSPASS56s
HUAWEIHonor 9X ProJuly 2019Kirin 810Android 10PASSPASS49s
HUAWEIHonor 10April 2018Kirin 970Android 10PASSPASS42s
HUAWEIHonor 20 Youth EditionOctober 2019Kirin 710FAndroid 10PASSPASS48s  
HUAWEIHonor V30 Pro (5G)November 2019Kirin 990Android 10PASSPASS42s  
HUAWEIP20March 2018Kirin 970Android 9PASSPASS42s
HUAWEIP30 ProApril 2019Kirin 980Android 10PASSPASS36s  
HUAWEIP40March 2020Kirin 990Android 10PASSPASS34s
HUAWEIMate10October 2017Kirin 970Android 8PASSPASS28s
HUAWEIMate20October 2018Kirin 980Android 10PASSPASS31s  
HUAWEIMate30Pro (5G)September 2019Kirin 990Android 10PASSPASS29s
HUAWEIEnjoy 7July 2017Snapdragon 425Android 7PASSPASS72s
HUAWEINova 4eMarch 2019Kirin 710Android 10PASSPASS38s
HUAWEINova 5 ProJune 2019Kirin 980Android 10PASSPASS31s
HUAWEINova 6(5G)December 2019Kirin 990Android 10PASSPASS32s  
HUAWEINOVA7SEApril 2020Kirin820Android 10PASSPASS73s
HUAWEIMaimang 8June 2019Kirin 710Android 10PASSPASS45s
XIAOMIMI MIX 3October 2018Snapdragon 845Android 10PASSPASS51s
XIAOMIMI 9 Pro (5G)September 2019Snapdragon 855 PlusAndroid 10PASSPASS49s
XIAOMIMI 10March 2020Snapdragon 865Android 10PASSPASS41s
XIAOMICC9 ProNovember 2019Snapdragon 730GAndroid 10PASSPASS43s
XIAOMIHM 4XMarch 2017Snapdragon 435Android 6.0.1PASSPASS62s
XIAOMIHM Pro High dividendOctober 2017MT6797TAndroid 6.0PASSPASS40s
XIAOMIHM 7March 2019Snapdragon 632Android 9PASSPASS38s
XIAOMIHM Note8 ProSeptember 2019MT G90TAndroid 10PASSPASS35s
XIAOMIHM K30 (5G)December 2019Snapdragon 765GAndroid 10PASSPASS29s
VIVOY75ADecember 2017MT6763TAndroid 7.1.1PASSPASS76s
VIVOY79ANovember 2017MT6763TAndroid 7.1.2PASSPASS68s
VIVOX20ASeptember 2017Snapdragon 660Android 7.1.1PASSPASS59s
VIVOX27 ProMarch 2019Snapdragon 710Android 10PASSPASS48s
VIVOX30 (5G)December 2019Exynos 980Android 10PASSPASS39s
VIVONEX3 (5G)September 2019Snapdragon 855PlusAndroid 10PASSPASS36s
OPPOA93January 2021Snapdragon480Android 11PASSPASS43s
OPPOFind X2 (5G)March 2020Snapdragon 865Android 10PASSPASS32s  
OPPOA77August 2017Snapdragon 625Android 7.1.1PASSPASS68s
OPPOA79TNovember 2017MT6763TAndroid 7.1.1PASSPASS59s  
OPPOR11June 2017Snapdragon 660Android 7.1.1PASSPASS58s
OPPOReno 2September 2019Snapdragon 730GAndroid 10PASSPASS42s  
OPPOReno 3 (5G)December 2019天玑 1000LAndroid 10PASSPASS49s
MEIZU16TOctober 2019Snapdragon 855Android 10PASSPASS48s
SAMSUNGC7 ProJanuary 2017Snapdragon 626Android 6.0.1PASSPASS67s  
SAMSUNGS8February 2017Snapdragon 835Android 7PASSPASS30s
SAMSUNGS9February 2018Snapdragon 845Android 8PASSPASS33s
SAMSUNGS10+February 2019Snapdragon 855Android 10PASSPASS28s
SAMSUNGA70April 2019Snapdragon 675Android 10PASSPASS31s
SAMSUNGA8050July 2019Snapdragon 730GAndroid 10PASSPASS43s
NOKIANokia 6January 2017Snapdragon 430Android 7.1.1PASSPASS51s
NOKIANokia 7October 2017Snapdragon 630Android 8PASSPASS41s
NOKIANokia 7 PlusFebruary 2018Snapdragon 660Android 8.1PASSPASS41s
SMARTISANSmartisan U2 ProMay 2017Snapdragon 626Android 7.1.1PASSPASS70s
SMARTISANSmartisan U2  Pro2November 2017Snapdragon 625Android 7.1.1PASSPASS64s  
OnePlusOnePlus 5June 2017Snapdragon 835Android 8PASSPASS29s
OnePlusOnePlus6TNovember 2018Snapdragon 845Android 10PASSPASS23s
OnePlusOnePlus7TOctober 2019Snapdragon 855PAndroid 10PASSPASS30s
OnePlusOnePlus 8April 2020Snapdragon865Android 11PASSPASS29s
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