Why choose a wireless transceiver module with a shielding cover

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The wireless transceiver module is used in electronic equipment toy control, industrial control, wireless remote control and other industries. When the remote controller transmits and sends data, the wireless transceiver module receives the data and translates the data through the single-chip microcomputer, and then controls the relay to disconnect or combine to realize the motor forward rotation /Reverse, acceleration/deceleration and other functions. In this process, the coil in the motor will produce many kinds of electromagnetic interference, and the distance cannot meet the customer's requirements during remote control. In order to reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference, it is necessary to choose a wireless transceiver module with a shielding cover, which has strong characteristics of anti-electromagnetic interference. Next, explain in detail what is the function of the shielding cover of the wireless transceiver module, and what is the principle?

The role of the shielding cover: Many components of the motherboard of the mobile phone, GPS, and wireless module electronic products are welded with a shielding cover that is combined with a metal bracket and a metal cover to play a shielding role. At present, there are many integrated shielding covers used on wireless transceiver modules, which are simple and cost-effective. The PCB board shields static electricity and other electronic components to protect the electronic components.

The principle of the shielding cover: Use a shield to surround the interference source of components, circuits, assemblies, cables or the entire system to prevent the interference electromagnetic field from spreading; Use the shield to surround the receiving circuit, equipment or system to prevent them from being affected The influence of external electromagnetic fields.

wireless transceiver module LoRa1278F30

To increase the wireless control distance, simply pursuing high sensitivity or increasing the transmit power of the transmitter cannot completely increase the control distance, because in practical applications there will be factors such as power supply, electromagnetic interference in the working environment, or power ripple interference, so it must be integrated Consider the various anti-interference capabilities of the RF receiving end. Our company has launched a 1W high power wireless transceiver module LoRa1278F30 with shielding cover. This product has high sensitivity and strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, which is suitable for wireless remote control products in noisy environments.

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