How to solve the abnormality of the wireless module

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Many users often encounter some abnormalities when using the wireless module, such as the abnormal communication between the wireless modules, the short transmission distance of the wireless module, or the data reception error, garbled codes, etc. Aiming at the abnormal problems of these wireless modules, NiceRF has compiled a solution for everyone, hoping to help the majority of users.

wireless module

Cannot communicate normally between wireless modules

  1. We first check whether the power supply is well connected, whether the data cable is well connected, and whether the module is working normally. After the power check is completed, observe whether the signal indicator is correct. When the wireless module receives, the signal indicator is green, and when it is transmitting, it is red. Finally, check whether the module is damaged (whether the signal light will flash after normal power-on).
  2. Whether the module is in normal communication mode.
  3. Check whether the frequency band, channel, and air rate set between the wireless modules are consistent.


The transmission distance of the wireless module is short

  1. First, check whether there is a strong interference source in the surrounding environment of the module and whether the environment is bad (such as a large amount of metal around).
  2. Secondly, check whether the wireless module and the antenna are matched or installed correctly (the correct installation method of the antenna, And the antenna should not be in contact with metal objects or too close. The antenna should be installed in a high and open place as much as possible.
  3. Excessive power supply ripples can easily cause interference to the surrounding same frequency.
  4. Check whether the power supply is good, and wireless products have higher power requirements.


Data reception error of the wireless module

  1. Whether the level interface of the wireless module is consistent with the connected device.
  2. Whether the module serial port parameter setting matches with the connected device.
  3. Whether the module data interface is good.
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