Wireless Air Wake-Up 125KHz Module RF125 Typical Application

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Wireless Air Wake-Up 125KHz Module RF125

RF125 is a kind of Wireless Air Wake-Up and Data Transceiver Module launched by NiceRF, which is characterized by low-power and long-range. This 125KHz module RF125 consists of 125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX and 125KHz receiver module RF125-RX. The 125K wireless air wake-up and data transceiver enable it perfectly fit for RKE keyless access control, campus access control, etc.

Here is an introduction of a specific application.


125KHz Module RF125

125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX

125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX, the transmitter ID, transmission data content and transmission time interval can be modified flexibly through the serial port.


125KHz receiver module RF125-RX

125KHz receiver module RF125-RX, a receiver with low power consumption and wireless wake-up (1ms wake-up), can wake itself up in the air and wake up connected devices at the same time. The receiver serial port outputs the received wireless data. It can work in pairing mode or broadcast mode. The communication distance is 5-8m, far exceeding that of similar products. (the communication distance of the same type of 125K module in current market is only 4m.)

125KHz module RF125 working principle

(125KHz module RF125 working principle)


Typical application of 125KHz module RF125:

Here is a typical application of 125KHz module RF125 in automobile keyless.

Car keyless application refers to the use of the most advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically open and close the door lock through the chip in the smart key carried by the owner, that is, when the driver approaches the vehicle for a certain distance, the door lock will automatically open and remove the anti-theft mode; When the driver leaves the vehicle, the door lock will automatically lock and enter the anti-theft state.

125KHz receiver module RF125-RX smart car key application

(125KHz receiver module RF125-RX smart car key application)


NiceRF’s 125KHz receiver module RF125-RX is mainly used for smart car keys carried by car owners, while 125KHz transmitter module RF125-TX is mainly used in cars. When the owner approaches the car with the smart car key in the dormant state, 125k wakes up the processor after receiving the 125k signal of the car. The processor controls the short wave to communicate with the short wave module on the car, so as to open the car lock. Moreover, after waking up, it is not only used for unlocking, but also for reversing, closing windows, opening air conditioning and other operations.

125KHz module RF125 car keyless application diagram

That’s all about the typical application of wireless air wake-up 125KHz module RF125. NiceRF’s new product wireless air wake-up 125KHz module RF125 has great advantages in vehicle keyless application in terms of low power consumption and long distance. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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