LoRa LLCC68 module: Industrial-grade crystal oscillator +combined with advanced LoRa technology, achieving stable long-distance communication

By sdga:

The LoRa LLCC68 is a wireless RF module designed based on Semtech's LLCC68 RF chip. It adopts the new generation LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology for ultra-long-distance spread spectrum communication. The module features small size, ultra-low receive power consumption, strong anti-interference capability, and longer transmission distance compared to traditional modulation methods, making it suitable for various wireless communication applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. The LLCC68 module boasts a maximum sensitivity of -129dBm@LoRa, ultra-low receive current and sleep current, and the transmission power can be configured through software, with a maximum power of up to +22dBm. Compared to traditional modulation technologies, LoRa™ modulation technology has significant advantages in anti-blocking and selectivity, addressing the issue of traditional designs being unable to simultaneously balance distance, anti-interference, and power consumption.

Advantages of the LoRa LLCC68 module:

Increased communication range: The LLCC68 utilizes advanced LoRa modulation and demodulation technology, which may achieve greater communication range under similar conditions. This makes the LLCC68 more suitable for scenarios requiring long-distance communication.

Lower power consumption: The next-generation LLCC68 module features advanced low-power design, maintaining low power consumption while enabling long-distance communication. Through optimized power management and communication protocols, it achieves lower power consumption levels at the same transmission distance.

Higher data rates: The LLCC68 module supports higher data transmission rates compared to traditional options. In LoRa mode, it offers data rates ranging from 1.76kbps to 62.5kbps, while in FSK mode, it supports a maximum data rate of 300kbps. This higher data transmission capability is advantageous in applications requiring faster communication speeds.


Industrial-grade crystal oscillator: The LLCC68 module is equipped with an integrated 64kHz crystal oscillator combined with a high-precision crystal, providing a stable clock frequency to generate a reliable reference clock signal. This feature is essential for synchronizing data transmission and adjusting communication frequencies, thereby enhancing system stability. Additionally, it enables timed wake-ups of microcontrollers in low-power scenarios.


Compact size: The LLCC68 module boasts a small form factor, making it easy to integrate into various devices. With its rich interface options, developers can swiftly build wireless communication systems based on LoRa technology, enhancing versatility and flexibility.


Cost-effective: Despite its advanced features and performance, the LLCC68 module is competitively priced, offering excellent value for money. Its affordability enables developers to obtain high-quality wireless communication solutions at a lower cost, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious projects.

More communication frequency bands: The LLCC68 module typically supports a broader range of operating frequency bands (433/490/868/915 MHz, customizable from 150-960 MHz), allowing it to comply with regulations and spectrum requirements in different regions, providing greater flexibility.

Core technical advantages:

LLCC68 supports both LoRa mode and FSK mode simultaneously.

Compared to traditional small wireless products, LLCC68's FSK mode has higher sensitivity.

LLCC68's LoRa mode offers more comprehensive performance and solutions.

The LoRa Core LLCC68 can meet various wireless transmission needs in the market, including:

Existing FSK small wireless market

LoRa-based smart home applications

Industrial control scenarios requiring anti-interference, long-distance, and real-time communication

Choosing LLCC68: When projects demand higher performance in terms of communication range, power consumption, data rate, etc., especially in long-distance transmission applications requiring extended communication ranges.


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