Features and applications of 2.4 GHz beacon module

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The Bluetooth low energy Beacon technology has aroused interest among many businesses. The Beacon technology can send signals to compatible mobile devices to promote products and event information to attract consumers. NiceRF's 2.4 GHz beacon module communicates via Bluetooth broadcast and scanning protocol. The following introduces the characteristics of 2.4 GHz beacon module and which projects it is used in.


Features of 2.4 GHz beacon module

1. 2.4 GHz beacon module that can be connected to a mobile phone.

2. It can communicate with BLE devices.

3. Support the development of Beacon and iBeacon protocols.

4. Communicate via Bluetooth broadcast and scan protocol.


Applications of 2.4 GHz beacon module

1. News push of shopping malls and showcases

When a consumer is close to a certain range of a showcase installed with Beacon equipment in a shopping mall, if the consumer’s mobile phone is compatible with the Beacon device, then a message can be sent to the consumer, such as notifying the consumer what new products are available and which products are currently available. Discounts, etc., stimulate consumption to visit businesses in this way.


2. Indoor positioning

Place the beacon equipment in some places, you can understand the changes of the user's location.

The distance is simply divided into three levels. Apple does not carefully infer the distance in iOS, and divides the distance into three distance states: Immediate, within 1m (Near), and above 1m (Far).

When the distance is less than 1m, the RSSI value basically decreases proportionally, and when the distance is more than 1m, due to the influence of reflected waves, etc., the RSSI does not decrease but fluctuates up and down. In other words, when the distance is 1m or more, the distance cannot be estimated, so it is simply judged as Far.


3. Data transmission (temperature and humidity transmission)

The collected temperature can be sent to the mobile phone via Beacon broadcast.

The above are the characteristics of the 2.4 GHz beacon module, which is often used in industries such as wireless mice, wireless health sports products, product information push, wireless remote sensing, alarm security systems, wireless ranging systems.

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