RF125-125KHz low frequency wake-up chip RF125 is perfectly compatible with AS3933 and performance advantages

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RF125 is a low-power, long-distance, wireless air wake-up 125KHz transmitter and receiver module launched by our company. It is mainly used in RKE keyless access control, campus access control, etc.

125KHz Transmitter And Receiver Module RF125

Last time I introduced the typical application of RF125. Today, the editor of NiceRF will analyze whether RF125 is compatible with AS3933 on the market and what advantages it has in terms of performance.


Please see the comparison of the two chips in the table below:







1. Three-channel low-power ASK receiver;

2. Carrier frequency range: 15KHz-150KHz;

3. Receiving and wake-up sensitivity: 80uVRMS;

4. The lowest power consumption in the listening state in low power consumption mode: 2.2uA;

5. Independent operation of 1/2/3 channels;

6. 32-bit programmable Manchester wake-up mode;

7. Support three wake-up modes: Frequency detection, pattern recognition, location recognition;

8. Programmable sensitivity adjustment range;

9. False triggering of the counter;

10. Support RTC wake-up timing;

11. Reliable wake-up mode, ultra-low power consumption;

12. 80μV wake-up sensitivity;

13. Low-power listening mode: 2.3μA;

14. One, two or three channel operation;

15. Increased register income;

16. Eliminate false arousal;

17. Provide remote wake-up;

18. Longer battery life;

19. Three-dimensional antenna work;

20. Operating temperature range: -40~+85℃.

1. Three-channel ASK wake-up receiver;

2. The carrier frequency range is 15-150KHz;

3. 32-bit programmable wake-up mode;

4. Support doubling the wake-up mode;

5. Wake up without mode detection;

6. The wake-up sensitivity is 80μVRMS (typical value);

7. Adjustable sensitivity;

8. High resistance to false awakening;

9. False wake-up counter;

10. Support regular forced wake-up (1s-2h);

11. The current consumption in the 3-channel monitoring mode is 2.3μA (typical value);

12. 32KHz XTAL based on RTC, RC-OSC or external clock;

13. Operating temperature range -40~+85℃;

14. Operating power supply voltage: 2.4-3.6V (TA = 25°C).


1. Access control;

2. Real-time positioning system;

3. Operator identification;

4. Wireless sensor network and access control;

5. Vehicle-mounted keyless start.

1. Real-time positioning system;

2. Operator identification;

3. Access control and wireless sensors.



Both RF125 and AS3933 are 3-channel ASK receivers, which can generate a wake-up signal when a data signal with a carrier frequency of 125 KHz is detected. It can be used to wake up active tags in RTLS, PKE and other similar tracking and access control systems. RF125 is perfectly compatible with AS3933 without changing the software and hardware.


Performance Advantage:

RF125 has an automatic antenna tuning function, which has several more registers than the basic function of AS3933, which greatly increases the space for users and has high flexibility.

RF125 can adjust the receiving sensitivity according to different application scenarios, and realize longer-distance communication while ensuring the receiving sensitivity. At the same time, the automatic tuning feature ensures that the chip is perfectly matched with the expected carrier frequency, which greatly simplifies the antenna tuner.

According to different application scenarios, RF125 can achieve direction positioning and position recognition by switching the Manchester recognition mode.

In terms of performance and price, RF125 has dumped AS3933 a few streets. Become the customer's first choice for low frequency wake-up devices.


The above is the perfect compatibility and performance advantages of the low-frequency wake-up chip RF125 used by our company's RF125 and AS3933. It can be seen that our new product RF125 has more advantages in campus access control cards, PKE keyless access control and other applications. If you are interested in our 125KHz wireless air wake-up and data transceiver module RF125, welcome customers come to consult us


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