Advantages of LoRa Uart module series

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Today, NiceRF will summarize the advantages of our LoRa Uart module series, so that customers can understand each product. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone:

LoRa Uart module

Hardware features of LoRa Uart module series:

1. Built-in hardware anti-crash self-reset circuit to resist strong external interference signals.

2. Overcurrent, overvoltage and reverse connection protection circuit. (Except for LoRa600PRO)


Software features of LoRa Uart module series:

1. AES128 data encryption.

2. LBT (Listen Before Talk).

3. Node/route/node+route optional in MESH mode.


Advantages of LoRa Uart module series:

LoRa Uart modulePowerAdvantages
LoRa600PRO100mW1. Dual antenna output. 2. Overcurrent protection circuit.
LoRa610PRO100mWSmall size
LoRa611PRO100mWOptional interface: TTL, RS232, RS485.
LoRa6100PRO1WOptional interface: TTL, RS232, RS485.
LoRa6200PRO2WSmall size, wide voltage 9-30V, metal enclosure, strong anti-interference ability, optional interface:  TTL, RS232, RS485.
LoRa6500PRO5WWide voltage 9-30V, ultra-long distance, metal enclosure, good heat sink, work reliably and stably for a long time, optional interface:  TTL, RS232, RS485.
LoRa6102PRO1WSmall size, metal enclosure, strong anti-interference ability. optional interface: TTL, RS232, RS485.
LoRa6103PRO1W Small size, metal enclosure, strong anti-interference, USB interface.
LoRaP30PRO30WWide voltage 9-30V, ultra-long distance, dual antennas, RS485 isolation, ESD protection, drop-in circulator.


The above is the sharing of the advantages of the LoRa Uart module series. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact NiceRF.

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