Which wireless modules are used for drone control

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UAVs have always been a very hot topic. Today, UAVs have ushered in a period of high-speed growth, gradually expanding from the military field to the civilian field, and are widely used in environmental monitoring, disaster relief, aerial surveying and mapping, agricultural plant protection and other fields. The UAV industry is developing rapidly and competition is becoming more intense. As a key component of UAVs, wireless modules play a very important role. So, which wireless modules are used in drone control, and what is the future development prospect of drones?

Wireless module needed for drone control


Wireless module for drone control applications

The solution that is embedded in the drone to realize the disaster prevention and alarm function has wireless intercom function, data communication function and wireless frequency modulation function. In this solution, the drone control mainly uses the DMR series digital walkie talkie module DMR818 developed and produced by NiceRF Wireless. Advanced RF technical solutions, with high-performance industrial-grade MCUs, are cost-effective and very convenient to use.

In the wireless intercom function, the user realizes the intercom through the wireless remote control terminal and the UAV terminal several kilometers away. In fact, the essence is to send voice through the intercom function of the DMR module. The RF data communication function actually sends data through the SMS function of the DMR module. This solution can also use SA818/SA828 walkie talkie module to send voice, use wireless data transmission module and front end transceiver module to send and receive data.


What is the future of drones

  1. The UAV industry is developing rapidly. Many companies have entered the UAV field. It is estimated that my country's military and civilian UAVs will increase from 620 million U.S. dollars in 2013 to 2.28 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, and the total demand will exceed 13.4 billion U.S. dollars. , With an average annual compound growth rate of 15.57%.
  2. The future development of unmanned aerial vehicles will continue to reduce manufacturing costs and learning costs. With the maturity and progress of technology, production costs will gradually decrease, and the price will be more affordable. At the same time, the operation of the drone will be simpler.

The application of wireless modules is very wide, and they play a very important role in the control of drones. With the rapid development of drones, the demand for wireless modules will gradually increase. Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless specializes in researching and developing wireless data transmission modules and wireless transceiver modules. The materials of the modules are industrial-grade materials, and the product quality is guaranteed. With an experienced R&D team, we can provide customers with professional IoT solutions.

The solution of embedding in the drone to realize the disaster prevention and alarm function:

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