What is the use of GPS module electronic fence function

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GPS module's electronic fence function

GPS module actually belongs to the hardware equipment of remote sensing and Internet of things technology application. It can obtain the positioning information of communication satellites. In addition to the positioning and navigation function, it can also log in to the Internet of Things management back platform of corresponding devices, view the location information in real time, and open the electronic fence function, which is the anti-theft alarm system.

The so-called electronic fence function refers to the perimeter anti-theft alarm system. The electronic fence function of GPS module is to realize remote monitoring and real-time alarm by detecting the pre-set electronic fence area and the current positioning information, such as timely recovery in case of vehicle theft.

GPS module's electronic fence function


Advantages of GPS module electronic fence function

1. Strong applicability, good anti -misunderstanding performance, low misunderstanding rate, and good prevention effect.

2. The system is divided into areas of management to facilitate the accurate positioning of the alarm area.

3. The central alarm prompts, the alarm, and electronic maps and other kinds of alarm prompts.

4. Automatically record, save and printed information on the alarm incident, time, and location.


Application of GPS module electronic fence function

1. Pet electronic fence

The electronic fence function based on the GPS module can be used on pets. Users can set a center coordinate for pets and a radius of movement . When the pet moves beyond this range, an alarm prompt will appear.

Application of GPS module in pet electronic fence


2. Car electronic fence

Car electronic fence is to draw electronic fences on the map of monitoring vehicles, (that is, specifying an activity area, or fixing a driving route) as a GPS vehicle with a corresponding platform, which will generate alarm information to send alarm information on this specified range. Go to the monitoring software platform. In the general vehicle monitoring system, the GPS location information of the vehicle is received through the GPS module installed in the vehicle and connected to the collection server through the communication network. The collection server will persist in the collection of location information to prepare data analysis and later processing.

Application of GPS module in automobile electronic fence


3. Watch electronic fence

Watch electronic fence is a built -in GPS module on the watch. On the monitoring platform map, it specifies an activity area or a walking route. When the GPS positioning information is received, the relevant information will be received. In this way, you can check, walk the route, and the position of the positioning person. It is mainly used by some children and the elderly to prevent personnel from being lost.

Application of GPS module in watch electronic fence

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