30W high-power LoRa module hardware analysis

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NiceRF has newly developed a 30W ultra-high power LoRa module LoRaP30Pro. When this LoRa module is facing the market, many customers gave feedback to our company, why is the price of this LoRa module so expensive? Some customers think that our company's pricing is outrageous, but it is not. For the reason, please see below.

LoRa module LoRaP30Pro


LoRa module LoRaP30Pro hardware analysis:

The most expensive part of the LoRa module LoRaP30Pro is its hardware design, which is also the most valuable part of the entire module design, as shown in the figure:

30W high-power LoRa module LoRaP30Pro hardware analysis

1. The power supply part adopts the IC design imported from the United States, which has the characteristics of wide power supply and large current, and has the functions of reverse connection protection and overcurrent protection circuit.

2. Imported power amplifier module is adopted, which has high efficiency and good stability. (expensive)

3. The circulator can protect the large standing wave signal when the antenna is not installed from burning down the power amplifier module and improve the stability. (expensive)

4. The RS485 isolation circuit can completely isolate the system from the external signal, and can avoid complex electromagnetic interference from affecting the stability of the system.

5. Built-in high-performance radio frequency IC and DSP processing chip and hardware watchdog IC, dual protection to prevent system crashes.

6. Since the power of the LoRa module LoRaP30Pro is as high as 30W, a suitable metal shell heat sink is required. At present, there is no general heat dissipation solution on the market, so our company contacted relevant manufacturers to customize a special heat sink for this module, which increased the cost.


Notes for LoRa module LoRaP30Pro:

1. The LoRa module LoRaP30Pro can be configured to be compatible and interoperable with several of our company's LoRa data transmission series modules.

2. The LoRa module LoRaP30Pro is a high-power module. If you use an adapter board to connect to the PC serial port to send and receive data, you need to provide additional power to the module. (It is better to use 24V 5A or more for the power supply, otherwise it will not be able to drive the module!

3. Before the LoRa module LoRaP30Pro is powered on, the transmitter and receiver must be connected to the antenna, otherwise the power amplifier module may be burned out. (The power amplifier module is expensive, please pay attention)

4. The communication antenna is best to choose our company's high-gain big sucker antenna and directional Yagi antenna. These two antennas can achieve the best results with high-power modules.

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