Wireless module used in VR helmet

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The emergence of virtual reality (VR) helmets has allowed many people to experience a full range of virtual visual storms. However, the only disadvantage is that the cables on the helmets are very inconvenient, which is particularly cumbersome during use. At present, some companies have produced WiGig wireless modules suitable for HTC Vive helmets. Its emergence is free from the entanglement of cables, and the user experience is better.

wireless module used in VR helmet


WiGig means "Wireless Gigabit" communication technology. In addition to being used on VR helmets, this technology can also be used to connect computers and external displays or other peripherals wirelessly. At present, the use of wireless modules cannot achieve zero delay, and approximately 7 milliseconds of delay will be added. In actual experience, such a small interval is almost invisible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using wireless modules on VR headsets?

Disadvantages: The wireless module is installed on the top of the VR helmet, so the overall weight of the VR helmet will increase, making the wearer's neck more prone to fatigue.

Advantages: On the other hand, because of the addition of a wireless module, the VR helmet can balance the disadvantages of overloading the forehead of the VR helmet, and get rid of the entanglement of the cable, and the experience in the use process is better.

Through feedback from many experiencers, we learned that the wireless module can provide a smooth VR experience. No delay is basically felt for walking, crouching and dodge. The wireless module is a bit bulky, and the module is obviously felt in the experience. Shaking overhead affects the user experience to a certain extent. Of course, these deficiencies will be improved in the future final products.

With the development of VR virtual reality getting better and better, more and more companies and consumers are beginning to pay attention to VR. Rich interactive entertainment will become the focus of the future development of VR. Of course, it will gradually extend to engineering, real estate, retail, Medical and other aspects. All in all, the future development of wireless VR is the general trend.

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