What is the difference between SX1276 module and SX1278 module

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SX1278 module and SX1276 module have advantages over FSK and GFSK in terms of transmission distance and anti-interference ability. Therefore, they are widely used in various fields and have attracted much attention from the market. So what is the difference between these two modules? In fact, the performance of these two modules is almost the same, but the chip frequency is different, and the target area is different.


The difference between SX1276 module and SX1278 module

  1. The frequency of SX1276 module is 868MHz and 915MHz frequency band, mainly for use in Europe and North America.
  2. The frequency of SX1278 module is 433MHz and 470MHz frequency band, mainly for China, Southeast Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

The SX1276/SX1278 chip used in the LoRa-C1 long-range spread spectrum LoRa module supports the 433/470/868/915MHz frequency band. Under almost the same environment and conditions, the communication transmission distance of LoRa-C1 in spread spectrum mode is farther than that of FSK. The lower the rate, the more obvious. These are the advantages and characteristics of LoRa spread spectrum transmission. This module is small in size and strong in anti-interference, suitable for industrial control, wireless meter reading and other industries.

SX1278 module and SX1276 module


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