Which uart rf module is used for smart robot control

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In recent years, my country's robot market has grown rapidly, and the robot industry chain has gradually formed. Intelligent robots have been widely used in the electronic and electrical industry, mechanical processing industry, food industry and other fields, and the uart rf module, as an important part of the robot, has also developed and grown accordingly.


Which uart rf module is better to use in intelligent robot control?

1. Quality of uart rf module

The functions of the uart rf module include data transmission function and multi-frequency band and multi-channel control function, which can be applied to robot control, remote meter reading, industrial data collection, home automation telemetry, access control system and other fields. Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless's uart rf module has the advantages of long transmission distance, small size, durability, and convenience. It has been used in the Alpha Robot and Building Block Robot solutions developed by UBTECH.

uart rf module is used for smart robot control

uart rf module is used for Building Block Robot control

2. Professional technical support

The robot needs to control its actions wirelessly, and it is necessary to solve the problem of electromagnetic signal interference caused by multiple motors working at the same time inside the robot. Ordinary wireless modules will reduce the receiving sensitivity due to signal interference, and sometimes even cannot be used. These can be solved not only by choosing a uart rf module, but also by professional R&D engineers to adjust the module parameters and antenna matching network to prevent external interference signals. It can be seen that it is very important to have the technical support of a professional wireless module manufacturer's R&D engineer.

Therefore, in choosing a uart rf module to control an intelligent robot, in addition to the module itself, it is also necessary to consider whether the module manufacturer has professional technical support services.

Intelligent robot control can choose SV series uart rf module of NiceRF. Our modules are developed and produced by experienced engineers. The quality of industrial-grade materials is better, the module performance is stable, the development information is complete, and we can provide professional Technical after services.

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