Cow pedometer module applied to pasture breeding management

By sdga:NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd

It has become a trend for dairy farms to adopt wireless management methods. Wearing a pedometer (built-in cow pedometer module) for dairy cows can record various cow data, such as exercise volume, body temperature, etc., so that the cow’s various records can be changed. It must be timely and accurate, easy to query and master, and provide an accurate basis for cattle management.


At present, many dairy farms have installed pedometers for dairy cows. Generally, a black bag is tied to the cow's neck or leg, and a box the size of a cigarette case is tied to it. In this way, the activity data of each cow is stored in this box. When the cow enters a specific area, the receiver will read the data and send it to the computer. The computer analyzes the cow’s daily energy consumption and whether the diet is normal through the cow’s activity pattern. Wait. The pedometer accurately monitors the data and gives reminders to the ranch workers, reducing the work pressure of the ranch workers, and timely judging whether the physical condition of the cows is normal, and improving work efficiency.


The cow pedometer module of Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. can be used for pasture cows and other livestock breeding management. It is commonly used in cow pedometer schemes. The high-precision pedometer algorithm can monitor the activities and status of cows.

NiceRF Wireless's cow pedometer solution mainly has the following features:

  1. Monitor the activity, body temperature and state of dairy cows.
  2. Send the cow's exercise volume, body temperature and other data to the gateway through the sensor, and the gateway saves the data.
  3. Low power transmitter.


The cow pedometer solution can use NiceRF Wireless's pedometer module. Shenzhen NiceRF Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. has an experienced R&D team. According to the characteristics of the industry, it keeps up with the trend of high-tech development and integrates the latest technology and professional Internet of Things solutions. The solution serves customers and brings users high-quality wireless modules.

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