What are the internal antennas and external antennas of the wireless transceiver module?

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The antenna is very important to the wireless transceiver module, and its gain effect can effectively improve the communication distance and quality of the wireless transceiver module, so choosing the antenna is also a very important thing. There are many types of antennas. All antennas are divided into two categories: internal antennas and external antennas, followed by spring antennas, FPC antennas, rod antennas, and sucker antennas.


How to distinguish between internal antenna and external antenna?

Internal antenna: The internal antenna is usually welded directly with the wireless transceiver module, and then embedded in the device with the wireless transceiver module. The appearance of such devices is generally small and exquisite, but it will affect the signal reception somewhat (generally, it will not affect the use of the device). It is more suitable for use in closed places or scenarios where external antennas cannot be connected. As shown:

Internal antenna     

                     (Internal antenna diagram)

External antenna: The external antenna is generally connected to the wireless transceiver module through a metal probe or signal extension cable. It is not directly welded to the device. Compared with the internal antenna, the signal gain of the external antenna will be better, because the external antenna The antenna can be placed high in the sky. As shown:

External antenna

                    (External antenna diagram)

So what are the internal antennas and external antennas?

The internal antenna is mainly compact, so the general internal antennas are spring antennas, FPC antennas, etc. As shown:

Internal antenna

External antennas do not require much volume, so rod antennas, sucker antennas and Yagi antennas are generally used.

External Antenna

Finally, which antenna to choose for the wireless transceiver module should be selected according to your actual project situation. The use of internal antennas and external antennas is not absolute, and the actual application scenario should be the final choice. The antenna is one of the indispensable accessories of the wireless transceiver module. Choosing the right antenna can bring great help to the project. The purpose of this article is to distinguish the difference between the internal antenna and the external antenna, so as to help customers better choose the right antenna.

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