What is an industrial-grade wireless transceiver module?

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When we are purchasing wireless transceiver modules, we will find that many wireless transceiver module manufacturers use "industrial grade" as part of the product title. Do you know what this industrial-grade representative means?

industrial grade wireless module

Industrial grade is a kind of grade mechanism in the field of electronic components, which belongs to the middle ranking. The specific grades are divided into: military grade, industrial grade, and commercial grade. You may not be clear, what is the difference between commercial grade, industrial grade and military grade? Generally, military grades are the best in performance, followed by industrial grades, and commercial grades are inferior to industrial grades. The best way to distinguish: distinguish by temperature

Military grade: -55℃~+125℃. As the name suggests, military grade is generally used for military electronic components, so the requirements will be particularly strict. It is mainly used in military fields such as missiles, aircraft, tanks, and aircraft carriers. Any part of the electronic components is the most advanced, with leading technology, expensive, and high precision; military-grade electronic components are generally several years ahead of the industrial-grade.

Industrial grade: -40℃~+85℃, industrial grade electronic components are generally used in various harsh industrial environments, such as: oil fields, mines, etc.; industrial grade electronic components are slightly lower than military grade , The price is second, and the precision will be worse.

Commercial grade: 0℃~70℃, commercial grade electronic components are generally applied to some of our common electronic products, such as: mobile phones, computers and other common household appliances. The price is the cheapest and the most common, and it is also the one we have most contact with. .


In addition, due to the rapid development of the automotive industry, a new level of electronic components appeared in the back: automotive grade -40℃~+125℃. The automotive grade is generally a compact component used in automobiles. Very high heat, so in terms of high temperature, it will be higher than the industrial grade, and the price is also higher than the industrial grade.

Temperature only provides us with the easiest way to distinguish. There is a data standard that allows us to judge their grade intuitively. In addition, we can also judge whether they are based on their craftsmanship, material selection, circuit design, etc. Meet a certain level. The temperature difference of commercial grade, industrial grade, automotive grade, military grade, etc. is often caused by the use of different materials or even different processes. Due to the difference in materials, the performance, life and anti-interference ability of the finished electronic components are all It may be different.


Today, I will popularize what industrial grade is for everyone. I want to help you choose different levels of wireless transceiver modules according to the background of the project (military, automotive, industrial, commercial, etc.) before purchasing wireless transceiver modules. If you buy an inappropriate item, you will lose a lot of time, not to mention the cost. Finally, I hope this article can help you. If you have any other questions, please call NiceRF.

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