Difference between LoRaWAN Gateways LG1301-SE, LG1301-PF and LoRaWAN1301

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Today, NiceRF will introduce to you our three LoRaWAN Gateway products, LG1301-SE, LG1301-PF, and LoRaWAN1301, and what is the difference between them.

The following is a detailed introduction to our three LoRaWAN Gateway products: LG1301-SE, LG1301-PF, and LoRaWAN1301:


LoRaWAN Gateway LG1301-SE

LG1301-SE is a LoRaWAN Gateway. It only applies to LoRaWAN node LN610 and integrates the standard LoRaWAN Class C communication protocol V1.0.

When LG1301-SE receives LN610 data, LG1301-SE will output RF data and LN610 device address to the serial interface. When the serial data with the device address of the target LN610 is input to the LG1301-SE, it sends the serial data to the target LN610.

All wireless communications comply with the LoRaWAN protocol. You can easily build a LoRaWAN network without understanding the working principle of LoRaWAN.


LoRaWAN Gateway LG1301-PF

LG1301-PF is a LoRaWAN Gateway. It can be used with any LoRaWAN node that conforms to the standard LoRaWAN protocol V1.0.

The gateway is based on the Linux platform and is mainly composed of a concentrator, GPS module, WIFI and Ethernet. The GPS module sends NMEA frames containing time and geographic coordinate data to the host. The GPS module also outputs a pulse to sx1301 every second.

The gateway receives RF data from the node and sends it to the server. It also receives data from the server and transmits it to the node. The gateway is connected to the server via Ethernet or WiFi.


LoRaWAN Gateway Module LoRaWAN1301

LoRaWan1301 is a front-end LoRaWan gateway module launched by NiceRF. Its small size and SPI interface are the main characteristics. The module adopts SX1301, SX1255 / SX1257 chip scheme and is designed based on Semtech official standard. Built in TCXO crystal oscillator supports various frequency bands of 433 / 470 / 868 / 915MHz, and other specific frequencies can also be customized.


Difference between three SX1301 LoRaWAN Gateways

LoRaWAN GatewayLoRaWAN Gateway LG1301-SELoRaWAN Gateway LG1301-PFLoRaWAN Gateway Module LoRaWAN1301
Product modelLG1301-SELG1301-PFLoRaWAN1301
Product typeLoRaWAN GatewayLoRaWAN GatewayFront-end RF module of LoRaWAN Gateway
FeaturesUART interface; AES128 encryption; 8 simultaneous communications; Configurable parameters; OTAA and ABP; Long distance; ADR; EU433M / EU868M / KR920M / AS923M / CN780M / CN470M / US915M / AS915M.  AES128 encryption; 8 simultaneous communications; Configurable parameters; Long distance; EU433M / EU868M / KR920M / AS923M / CN780M/ CN470M / US915M / AS915M.LoRa remote module technology; Half-duplex Receive LoRa data packets at the same time; Dual digital TX and RX radio front end; Dynamic data rate adaptation (ADR); Multiple LoRa diffusion factor; Up to 10 channels; 8 Multi SF LoRa channels (from SF7 to SF12 with 125kHz bandwidth); 1 x LoRa channel (bandwidth 125/250/500kHz); 1 FSK channel.
ApplicationsSmart city; smart metering (water, electricity, gas meter); agricultural monitoring; Irrigation control; Internet of Things (IoT); M2M; wireless sensors; Wireless alarm and security system.
Letter of agreementStandard LoRaWAN Class C communication protocolStandard LoRaWAN Class C communication protocolDetermined according to the user program
Data output formatTransparent transmission module, raw data output after parsing LoRaWAN protocol.For data packets of LoRaWAN protocol, users need to parse the data content according to LoRaWAN protocol.LoRaWAN Gateway front-end module, without MCU
InterfaceUART data interfaceEthernetSPI data interface
Receive current<280mA @12v, all 9 channels are open<280mA @12v, all 9 channels are open<340mA @5v, all 9 channels are open
Emission current<450mA @12v,TX=24dBm<450mA@12v,TX=24dBm<480mA @5v,TX=24dBm
CommonalityAll three LoRaWAN Gateways use SX1301 + SX1255/SX1257 plan

The above shares the differences between the three LoRaWAN Gateways, LG1301-SE, LG1301-PF and LoRaWAN1301. If you still don’t know anything or are interested in our products, please feel free to email or call us (Email: sales@, Tel: +86-755-23080616).

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