New Product Alert: UWB650 Transparent Transmission | Two-Way Ranging | Positioning Module with 1KM Communication Range

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UWB650 module, launched by NiceRF, is a wireless communication module based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology and compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4-2020 Standard

 protocol.Developed from the UWB3000F27, the UWB650 module features a high-power 0.5W amplifier chip. Users do not need to design any circuits, as the UWB650 module includes

 the wireless communication module and related circuits, integrated with ESD protection devices to provide effective ESD static protection. The UWB650 module combines data 

communication, two-way ranging (DS-TWR), and three-point planar positioning functions of UWB technology into one module. Users can easily utilize these functions through the 

UART interface on the module without the need for additional design and development.   The UWB650 module features data transmission, ranging, and positioning functions, as well 

as a sleep mode.

Data Transmission Function:
The module encapsulates data obtained from the serial port before transmission. Users can input up to 1010 bytes of data per packet, which will be treated as the MAC Payload part of 

the communication protocol. When the module receives data from other modules, it parses the data packet and outputs the MAC Payload part through the serial port. The module supports AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and decryption functions.

Ranging Function:
 When the module enters the ranging mode, it defaults to the Responder role. The module automatically responds to ranging signals initiated by the Initiator and begins the ranging process without user intervention. When switched to the Initiator role, the module can initiate ranging with up to 5 Responder modules in a polling sequence.

Positioning Function:
 The positioning function includes two roles: Tag and Station. When the module enters positioning mode, it defaults to the Station role. The module automatically responds to ranging signals from Tags and initiates the ranging process without user intervention.
When switched to Tag mode, users can use configuration commands to specify which 3 Stations the module should range with to obtain positioning. If not specified, the module will randomly select information from nearby 3 Stations for ranging and positioning.

Sleep Mode: During normal operation, the CS pin is in an input state with internal pull-up. When the CS pin is externally driven low, the module enters sleep mode. During this period, the internal MCU, UWB chip, and power amplifier chip stop working, maintaining low current consumption. When the CS pin is externally driven high, the module wakes up from sleep mode. During wake-up, the MCU wakes up the internal UWB chip and sequentially restores various parameters of the UWB chip.
Below are brief overview of the module's features:
Communication distance of over 1KM in open environments
The UWB650 module features a high-power amplifier chip providing 0.5W output, with a transmission bandwidth (BW) of 499.2MHz, and a reception sensitivity of -94dBm. It includes a built-in antenna and supports communication distances exceeding 1 kilometer in open environments, ideal for long-range ranging applications.

Electrostatic Protection (ESD)
The UWB650 module includes a wireless communication module and related circuitry, integrated with ESD protection devices that effectively provide ESD protection. This protection can prevent static discharge from damaging sensitive electronic components, ensuring that electronic devices can operate stably and reliably during production, transportation, and use.

UWB wireless to TTL Level, easy for digital data transmission use
The UWB wireless to TTL interface converts ultra-wideband (UWB) signals into TTL-level UART signals, facilitating easy connection with microcontrollers and other digital devices. It supports plug-and-play functionality without complex setup or programming, enabling users to quickly start data transmission. This feature is particularly suitable for embedded systems and IoT applications.

RF rate reaches 6.8Mbps
The UWB module offers a high-speed data transmission capability of 6.8 Mbps, suitable for HD audio, fast file transfers, and low-latency communication. It maintains low power consumption and strong anti-interference capabilities, making it particularly suitable for applications in consumer electronics, industrial automation, medical devices, and smart home environments that require efficient and stable connections.

High-precision ranging/indoor positioning
UWB650 is a fully integrated microcontroller that combines ultra-wideband (UWB) low-power, low-cost transceiver IC with a 0.5W high-power amplifier chip. It complies with IEEE802.15.4-2015 and IEEE802.15.4z (BPRF mode) standards. It is suitable for bidirectional long-range ranging, TDoA, and PDoA systems, with a positioning accuracy of up to 10 centimeters. It can be used for large-scale industrial personnel positioning, underground positioning in coal mines, hospital staff positioning, and various indoor positioning applications.

AES128 wireless encryption

By using AES-128 encryption, you can ensure that data transmitted wirelessly is protected against unauthorized interception or tampering. Many industries and regions have regulations that mandate encryption of data during wireless transmission to safeguard data privacy and security. AES-128 is widely accepted and offers strong security, meeting these requirements effectively.

UWB650 module features
 Comply with IEEE 802.15.4-2020 Standard UWB communication protocol
 Supports UWB Channel 5 (6489.6 MHz)
Supports 6.8 Mbps and 850 Kbps RF Rate
Supports preambles 3/4/9/10/11/12, with modules unable to communicate between different preamble configurations
Supports multiple transmission power levels, with a maximum transmission power of  0.5W
Ultra-long distance data communication
Adopts double-sided Bi-Directional ranging (DS-TWR)
Adopts three-point planar positioning method for precise positioning calculation
Electrostatic Protection (ESD)

The above is the content of this sharing: The UWB650 module, based on the UWB3000F27 module, achieves long-distance data communication, supports ESD static protection, and AES128 wireless encryption. NiceRF not only provides various wireless module products but also offers ODM/OEM customization services. We welcome inquiries from major manufacturers.

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