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NiceRF Wireless is a technology company focused on the development of wireless chips. Based on a variety of wireless chips, NiceRF has developed a large number of wireless module products for wireless. Among them, in terms of wireless data transmission modules, there are mainly two series, SK and LoRa. So, what is the difference between the two series as the data transmission module? This article will answer this question.

The SV610 100mW module of the SV series and the LoRa610Pro 100mW module of the LoRa series are used as comparison targets.Let's take a look at their respective introductions:

SV610 100mW:

"SV610 is a highly integrated wireless data transmission module, which provides a standard TTL-level serial port for docking with customer equipment. It integrates a high-performance RF chip from Silicon Lab in the United States. Its extremely low receiving sensitivity and 100mW output power The communication performance of the module can be guaranteed. The module also provides multi-band channels and network IDs toreduce wireless interference during transmission. Users can read or modify the internal parameters of the module through the PC software provided by our company or by sending corresponding serial commands. Its small size andconvenient settings make it widely used in industrial control. "

LoRa610Pro 100mW:

"LoRa610Pro is a wireless data transmission module based on Semtech ’s SX1276/1278 chip. This device uses LoRa spread-spectrum modulation frequency hopping technology for efficient receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference performance. Its communication distance and receiving sensitivity much more than the current FSK and GFSK modulation, with strong anti-interference. This module is designed for 100mW output power, and its sizeis very small. It is widely used in wireless meter reading, remote industrial control and other industries. "

Through the introduction of the two, we can know that SV series modules can provide multiple frequency channels, while LoRa series modules have better anti-interference ability. However, the above information does not fully reflect the difference between the two.The following table compares the differences between the two:

Comparison  items SeriesSV Series (Use SV610 as example)LoRa Series (Use LoRa610Pro as example)
Transmission distanceWhen the open transmission distance  reaches 1400m @ 1.2kOpen transmission distance up to 5000m @  low speed rate
Optional frequency433/490/868/915 MHz433/490/868/915 MHz
Receiving sensitivity-121dBm(min)-139dBm(min)
Output Power100mW100mW
VDD3.3 ~ 7.0 V3.3 ~ 6.5 V
Data Rate(Max)115.2Kbps17.353Kbps
TX current95mA130mA
Sleep current<5uA<40uA

In the form of a table, the respective features of the two major series of SV's lora are clear at a glance. As can beseen from the table, the data transmission module of the LoRa series has obvious advantages in terms of receiving sensitivity and transmission distance,while in the data transmission speed ,SV series is better than the LoRa series.With this general understanding, it's easier for customers to choose a suitable one.

In addition,some LoRa series data transmission modules can also have AES encryption,networking and relay functions.

The AES encryption function makes the data transmission more secure. The networking function canmake each original independent running node contact with other nodes to form anetwork. The optional networking methods are mesh and star network. When users need a long transmission distance, they can choose the module with relay function to transmit the signal further with the help of relay signal to reach the transmission distance.

The above is a summary of the selection of data transmission module. I hope it can help the readers.

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